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Referral Program

Refer and earn with Cryotos. Do the following steps and become a referral partner of Cryotos: Introduce Cryotos CMMS Software to a business that is actively looking for a suitable maintenance management software. Get paid whenever your contact chooses to adopt our solution.

Now get commissions for each referral in your Cryotos subscription. All essential support and training are done by us.

Reseller Program

Although a global pioneer in computerized management software, most of our growth is concentrated around India and Asia. Cryotos is looking at improving and expanding its horizons further. Here, you can sign up as resellers to help with the distribution of our software in different markets. The resellers can usually offer support and other value addition services to their customers. We provide you better insight into our products and services, training, user manuals, marketing tools, and videos, helping you to sell quickly.

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