Digitalization in Chemical Industry

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The chemical industry and its chemical plant maintenance are comprised of many segments with diverse and complex operations, which can make a standardized maintenance plan challenging. Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is of particular importance when it comes to the chemical industry because the pieces of equipment used and their maintenance is subject to much higher standards than those in the other sectors. Choosing a powerful CMMS software is therefore important. This is why all chemical companies have started using CMMS Software to support or run plants, streamline productivity, and improve efficiency.

CMMS in Chemical Industry

Production, supply chains, and plant maintenance are invariably controlled or assisted by CMMS Software. Digital power is used not just for production and supply chain, but for overall company management from business strategy to customer interaction, and product design to market development. Business areas that were once led by human thinking are increasingly being governed by computers and smart gadgets now. Manufacturing processes of chemical products must comply with strict standards to guarantee the potency of the active ingredients and the quality and purity of the finished products. These standards make sure that the products are safe and effective for use. The slightest deviation from the rules during manufacture can have serious consequences for its consumers. This is why the controls and checks imposed on chemical plants are much more rigorous than the ones in other sectors.

Benefits of CMMS in Chemical Industries:
Working the best possible CMMS software provides the following advantages for chemical industries.

    • Mobile-first CMMS Software:

This community-based maintenance management platform is accessible from a smartphone as well as a tablet. As such, entering all the necessary information for each intervention is extremely simple for maintenance operators, as they can do so no matter where they are in the plant. Also, a user can go through the intervention history at any time from any device if he or she is logged in. This platform enables the users to exchange and follow their plant’s activity. Given the large amount of information that needs to be filled in at each stage of maintenance in the chemical industry, this feature is very useful.

    • Simplified Planning

With appropriate CMMS software, developing maintenance procedures required by current standards and planning the corresponding operations is made easier. Preventive maintenance becomes a particularly valuable tool in CMMS.

    • Data Management:

It is possible to add and view documents at any time with Mobile-first CMMS Software. This makes it much easier for all those involved in equipment maintenance to comply with the procedures imposed by GMPs. More generally, the ergonomics of this application has been designed to make it accessible to all maintenance professionals, regardless of their IT skills, and without the need for specific training. It, therefore, encourages compliance with standards and procedures by all the teams involved in the maintenance of a chemical plant’s equipment.

    • Looking Forward

Many factors that can contribute to a successful maintenance plan, and the chemical industry’s diversity of processes, facility sizes, etc. can make it challenging to establish an effective maintenance strategy across all assets. The cornerstone of maintenance success is a strong CMMS that can deliver three core benefits: comprehensive asset intelligence, effective preventive maintenance (PM), and efficient labor scheduling.


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