How Can You Improve The Productivity Of Your Maintenance Team?

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How Can You Improve The Productivity Of Your Maintenance Team?

What is Maintenance Management?

Maintenance management is to ensure maximum efficiency in the manufacturing process by maintaining the company’s assets and resources while controlling costs and time. Maintenance management was once a tedious process that involved loads of documentation, handbooks, spreadsheets, and a lot more. Later, it was upgraded With technological advancement, software’s like CMMS were introduced in which the whole maintenance program is planned, assigned, tracked, assessed, and stabilized in a highly functional manner. It is a software where the ideologies of a trained professional, the best practices that are followed for a long time, and the latest evolving technology are put together to upkeep the maintenance operations with ease.

Why do we need Maintenance Management?

Maintenance management is crucial in any industry as it improves the operational time of the assets by reducing downtime. In the long run, this improves the longevity of the assets. Reduced downtime prevents unexpected expenses that are done with reactive maintenance. It also enables employees to achieve goals in a more standardized way.

maintenance management system is succeeded and led toward the path of its goal by following many efficient features like preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance, and setting KPIs for achieving long and short-term goals pertaining to the production team.

Preventive maintenance is the process of maintaining assets. It is important to have a plan in place before a problem arises similar to the service we perform for our vehicles on a recurring basis.

But what does preventive maintenance in a factory include? It includes checking the spares, lubricating the machinery, cleaning, adjusting the alignment if any, and replacing a damaged part (before it fully fails). All these can be done without downtime, i.e with the machinery still functioning. So planning a preventive maintenance schedule is a wiser choice compared to acting later. It is very hard to plan effective preventive maintenance, but once you’ve got it set, you’ll never have to worry about it again. With a forward-looking plan, you can overcome greater business obstacles in your path. Some of the milestones that can be achieved with preventive maintenance are as follows.

  •       Reduce reactive maintenance
  •       Cutdown costs spent on unexpected failures
  •       More uptime and less downtime
  •       Maintain full-length details of the assets
  •       Protract the life of assets
  •       Easily achieve objectives and get a quicker return on investment

How can you improve the productivity of your maintenance team?

Any maintenance team would have a lot of obstacles like smooth functioning of the assets, reducing downtime, reduction in correctional measures, support of the team, overall quality of the product, and so forth, and managers would strive hard in reaching their set targets. Today, many successful organizations have seen a greater change in their productivity by stabilizing their maintenance activities. With the best CMMS software, it is achieved effortlessly.

Here are some simple things that could create a substantial productivity improvement.

1)     Choose a wise option:

Among different options, CMMS is a proven and trusted solution chosen by organizations to streamline their maintenance activities. Choosing the right CMMS solution is also crucial given that there are many options available in the market. Opt for a CMMS solution that offers you a wide range of customizable options. For example, when preventive maintenance is taking place, there should be room to enter the full-length details of it. For this, you should choose a CMMS that would offer you multiple template options, and measurable metrics which could be easily directed to custom reports and dashboards.

2)    Planning Preventive maintenance in a well-structured manner:

As we all know reactive maintenance is always nerve-racking, and it demands assured downtime. Whereas opting for a preventive measure is always on the safer side.Pre-plan your maintenance effectively by providing SOP(Standard Operating Procedure), manuals for machinery, repair history of the assets, step-by-step instructions on an issue, etc.

It would be even better when guidance is provided through photographs or videos.

3)     Set maintenance KPIs:

Next to that, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are one of the best advantages that come along with maintenance management. It’s all about, fixing targets, measuring what we do, analyzing the teams’ performance as well as individual performance, and creating custom-made reports and dashboards. With KPIs, you can track employees’ performance, assets, inventories, and workflow. Some of the proven metrics are OEE(Overall Equipment Effectiveness), MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure), and MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

A successful outcome is based on the way we set the KPIs. Careful thought should be given in prior. Before setting KPIs, you should understand that every organization differs from the others. Based on the relevancy, one should fix the metrics.

4)    Fix a standardized goal:

Sharing a common goal is proven to be a driving force for teams working together. To formulate such goals, the maintenance heads should understand the market, employees, products, and work environment. Secondly, they should list out goals that are practically possible and pertain to time targets. Many organizations fail in this by devising a goal that might not be feasible to attain. And by this, employees naturally get detached from the fixed goals.

5)     Fill the communication gap:

When a process like maintenance management is run manually, it is a no-brainer to expect wide gaps in communication given that there is no centralized place for coordinating with everyone in the team or the ability to track progress leading to communication mismanagement. With CMMS software, employees can connect anywhere at any time from a single place and track the progress of each other for superior visibility. CMMS software also stores details of the assets making the jobs of the managers that much easier to complete.

6)     Know your employees:

In this post-pandemic era, a lot has changed. The world is facing huge monetary
inflation as well as stress physically. Organizations should understand this and provide helping hands to their employees. Remember, only with a happy work environment productivity is possible. Choose a solution that has many automated features. Offer your employees appropriate templates and many user-friendly, customizable options to make their work easier.

How does Cryotos help in achieving the goals of an organization as far as maintenance management is concerned?

Every software is built by keeping the users in mind. Successful software is that which improvises and upgrades itself to the need of the hour. One such successfully evolving CMMS solution is Cryotos. Distinct features including Preventive maintenance, Asset tracking, Inventories, automating workflows, assigning work orders, creating work requests, and so on can make maintenance management effortless for the whole team. We have varied features like QR scanner, Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), GPS tracking, auto stocking updates on assets and inventories, calendars, custom notifications, and so on to take your business to the next level.


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