How Mobile CMMS Works with Connected Factory

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Mobile CMMS Connected Factory

Mobile CMMS – Connected Factory

How often do you check your phone at work? Maybe you’re reading this article on it right now.

(Don’t worry, we won’t tell your Boss)

Smartphones were a revolution for workplace distractions, but they can also be tools for productivity.

Industrial customers want a low cost solution that gets the data from the machine to the cloud and the dashboard to monitor these things so Mobile CMMS acts as bridge between them. Of course, you can do more with a smartphone than collect data. Besides sensor or equipment monitoring solutions, smartphones and tablets also have communication and information access applications that could aid maintenance workers in the field.

Here are some benefits of mobile applications and their positive impact on the manufacturing industry.

Timely Notifications to Engineer’s Team

Getting information on time is the essence in a manufacturing industry, which is highly regulated.

Generally whenever breakdown of machine occurs it gets intimated to maintenance department.

This intimation is generated in Cryotos Mobile CMMS App with the help of Push Notifications.

Once the notification is given to maintenance engineer, he will prepare a work order with allocation of work to appropriate person.

Organise Field Service Technicians

Cloud-based mobile applications can assist the field technicians to get precise data by communicating about requirements and parts. By using mobility, manufacturers can easily help the technician, in order to handle customer issues with the accurate parts at the primary service call.

Easy Management of Asset

In the manufacturing industry, assets and plants are spread in multiple locations around the globe.

However, maintenance data needs to be centralized and this process is not as simple as it seems to be. A lot of paperwork is needed to be done, which can result in the delay of the work.

This issue can be easily resolved with the help of advanced mobile applications. They allow the maintenance workers to access the crucial data with instant communication with the help of email, phone, and real-time messaging.

Work in Tandem

Tracking work and workforce in real-time gets easier. Cloud-based mobile apps allow one to look over the work single-handedly and review it simultaneously without each process taking large chunks of time to be completed. What the workforce is doing can be examined side by side and there will be no delay as everything is being monitored online.

Ever followed your Uber driver through the screen of your phone? Or your Postmates guy bringing in food? GPS tracking makes both the provider and the consumer parties aware of exactly what is happening with the product and where. It is a tool that helps workers track their tasks, maps and routes make dispatching and keeping track of work easier, as well as allow manufacturers to keep track of the employs. Mobile applications allow manufacturers to use date and time stamps, along with photograph and video, to help ensure the inspection of material meets the regulated requirements.

How Cryotos Mobile CMMS works

Download the Cryotos iOS app on the Apple App Store.

Download the Cryotos Android app on the Google Play Store.





Cryotos’s mobile maintenance app is available for Apple and Android devices.


Download the Cryotos iOS app on the Apple App Store.

Download the Cryotos Android app on the Google Play Store.

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