Preventive Maintenance using Cryotos Software

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Machine tools

Preventive Maintenance using Cryotos Software

Machine tools

Preventive maintenance is considered to be an antidote for the too much-unplanned downtime, but this isn’t considered to be entirely accurate. There is not considered to be a silver bullet for downtime.

Preventive maintenance can reduce the chances of equipment failure by performing the regularly scheduled maintenance rather than just fixing up when something breaks.

It is considered to be the same idea as taking your car for the regular oil changes to pre-empt a total breakdown. Since it is not only the answer to the unplanned downtime,the main goal of preventive maintenance is to plan the maintenance as much as possible in order to keep the assets healthier and also to optimize the time and money.

It can also help break the vicious cycle i.e, instead of burying the maintenance teams under backlog, the preventive maintenance helps the teams to go ahead of the maintenance and then increase the reliability, cut down on the costs, boost the production, improve health and safety and improve the communication.

When it comes to implementing the preventive maintenance approach, there is a wide array of technology which can help a team establish the sustainable preventive maintenance strategy.

The Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS):

The CMMS software and the mobile apps help the maintenance teams to easily keep a centralized and detailed record of all the equipments, assets, and work. This also allows to a schedule and track of the maintenance activities.

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM):

The EAM software provides a view of the companys assets and also infrastructure throughout the entire lifecycle, from the creation or procurement or the disposal. This also covers the construction, design, operations, commissions, maintenance and replacement of the equipment. EAM platforms often support other business functions like HR, accounting, which is in addition to maintenance.

Asset performance management (APM):

The APM solution ties many different and advanced software tools and applications together, which is like the Internet of Things ( IoT) and the artificial intelligence (AI), in order to improve the reliability and availability of the assets, equipment systems, plants, and infrastructure.

Tools like IoT and AI, integrations, coordinate data, visualizations, and analytics to continuously track the risks and value from the current operations, inventories and production outputs by using the real-time data.

Though the APM might sound intriguing, this relies on a complex ecosystem of the platforms and software and technologies while analysing and collecting the mountains of data.

When you use the preventative maintenance through the Cryotos Software, you can easily automate your daily/weekly/monthly schedules. There can be a calendar based scheduled tracking. The users can also automate SMS, emails and push notifications.


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