Cloud-based Inventory Management Software

Are you running out of critical stocks during execution of work orders?

Managing spares shouldn’t be a mess anymore with Cryotos Inventory Management Software. A well-stocked inventory is a sign of a good quality maintenance team. 

Cryotos Mobile-first Inventory Management Software enables you to optimize maintenance operations, equip service teams to increase productivity and asset uptime. Cryotos AI-driven Inventory Management Software helps to manage service operations from anywhere, anytime with Cryotos Mobile App.

    Industries We Serves

    Work Order Management

    With Cryotos you can be confident that your maintenance  teams execute work efficiently and safely. Your technicians can execute all their work with the help of the mobile application including instantly viewing work orders, parts planning, data collection, work order debrief, and signature capture and customer feedback. Your technicians will appreciate having the full service workflow process instantly available, and managers will appreciate having full visibility into work order execution as well as fulfilling internal SLAs and safety requirements.

    Hassle-free Tracking and Transfer of Inventory

    • The best feature of Inventory Management Software is tracking item locations. The real-time inventory tracking used by Cryotos helps to keep an eye on every piece of inventory in your company.
    • Cryotos Inventory is especially significant in real-time equipment tracking and live inventory tracking makes transfer of item locations easily manageable.
    • Instead of calling up various locations before reaching the equipment in need, Inventory Managers can just access the required information in the Inventory Management App. Then, just proceed with the work order for item transfer.
    • The current location of the item is automatically updated after the transfer is completed.
    • Other persons concerned about Inventories can find the same item when required through Inventory Management App.

    Reduce Your Equipment Downtime

    • Most of the large companies with mega structured heavy equipment occasionally face faults. The efficiency of facilities or maintenance teams is determined by the equipment downtime.
    • On-time repairs are necessary for effective maintenance. But repairs can be done immediately only when the right parts are in stock and easy to reach.
    • Many Facilities or Maintenance Managers generally experience this problem of misplaced or out of stock parts that makes the repair work delayed.
    • Inventory Management Software details by Cryotos real-time spares availability information for an equipment, from which you can get your most critical assets ready on time.
    • By maintaining track of these spare parts and alerting you when stock levels get low, equipment downtime is drastically decreased.

    Effective Budgeting On Inventory

    • Better budgeting results in better ROI. By understanding the patterns of item usage, what budget to be prepared for inventory purchase can be figured out.
    • Inventory Management Software gives the history of how many of each inventory item normally used, and therefore how many to buy and also when to buy. By this data, exact expenses can be fit into the budget for Inventory Management.
    • Inventory Managers can also use Inventory Management Software to reduce the rush orders cost and avoid rush order an item if they already have it in stock.
    • In addition, Inventory Management Software tracks item cost too.
    • Cryotos, the one point solution for all inventory needs collects all information within the system for every user within the organization to access.

    Know Your Inventory by QR Codes

    • The Technicians and Maintenance Managers can access and manage inventory on light-foot with Inventory Management Software and also can add parts on-the-go by just scanning QR Codes.
    • Inventory Management Software automatically updates inventory when parts are used for work orders.
    • The available quantity and the assigned minimum quantity of parts can be viewed using QR codes.

    Get Alerts on Low Inventory

    • Inventory Managers’ worst nightmare is missing inventory. Cryotos Inventory Management Software provides the best solution to these nightmares by low inventory alerts.
    • The sign of excellent inventory control means your most required items shouldn’t get too low.
    • The current levels of inventory as well as reorder points are tracked in real-time by Inventory Management Software. This enables an alert, when an item gets close to its reorder point.
    • No longer remembering or making a note of every piece of company inventory manually. Cryotos does this for you to spend your time more productively.

    Preventive Maintenance

    With Cryotos Asset Maintenance Services, you get best in preventive maintenance management, from automated work order creation with set schedules featuring different frequencies of inspections and maintenance tasks to automatically adjusted maintenance intervals for work orer creation, to full condition-based plans that allow you to right-size your operations and maintenance work and continually transform toward a pro-active maintenance strategy.

    MTTR, MTBR, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and much more

    With Cryotos Asset Maintenance Management System, you can automatically calculate asset wise and plant wise metrics such as MTTR, MTBR which helps you to get overall picture of how efficient your assets are performing and what is the turnaround time when a breakdown occurs.


    Maintenance is a high-risk activity with specific hazards and risks and these include working alongside a running process and in close contact with machinery. Following a safety procedure before performing maintenance is crucial in ensuring the safety of the technician. By using Cryotos, you can ensure the safety of the technicians as Cryotos mandates safety checklist before moving on to the maintenance.

    Inventory and Parts Management

    With Cryotos Asset Tracking Software, you can manage your inventory with ease. From getting notified when parts reach a critical amount to creating purchase orders, Cryotos has it all. Cryotos ensures visibility across technicians, locations and stores. You can also add parts on the go manually or by scanning QR code associated with the part.

    IOT and Predicitve Maintenance

    Industrial IOT has transformed the way companies operate by delivering real-time asset data for better decision-making. By feeding asset performance and configuration data into Cryotos service execution engine, maintenance team can get to issues before they turn failures, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime.
    What do our Clients say?

    Quick Response

    This CMMS checks many boxes for what we were looking for. Flexible. Mobile app for in the field use. Cost effective, Reporting, Great Dashboard, Great Support, Cloud based & offline support.

    Great Communication

    Cryotos is very easy to get involved in with simple monthly billing and no contracts. Cryotos strategy is very simple – here is our software you can customized it most categories.

    Customer satisfaction

    Cryotos is amazing. It has revolutionized the way we handle Facility Maintenance. The app is quick and easy to perform PM from our mobile. Attaching pictures is great feature.