Best Asset Maintenance CMMS Software​​

Cryotos Asset Maintenance Suite optimizes the execution of operations and maintenance by supporting the organization to define their end to end customizable workflow and reducing the downtime of machines to marginal level.​
Solving major problems like preventive maintenance planing, optimal resource management, effective service level agreement, on time notification, adding workflow to take care of safety, compliance and risk mangement stategies. Cryotos AI driven Asset Maintenance Software helps to detect anomolies in automated meter reading process and raise an alert request to maintenance team.​
CMMS Mobile Friendly Design
CMMS Mobile Friendly Design

Cryotos CMMS Asset Maintenace

Friendly design help layman to operate

Industries reduce maintenance cost using CMMS software

Work Order Management

With Cryotos you can be confident that your maintenance  teams execute work efficiently and safely. Your technicians can execute all their work with the help of the mobile application including instantly viewing work orders, parts planning, data collection, work order debrief, and signature capture and customer feedback.
Your technicians will appreciate having the full service workflow process instantly available, and managers will appreciate having full visibility into work order execution as well as fulfilling internal SLAs and safety requirements.
Cryotos calendar

Intelligent Scheduling

Take advantage of powerful capabilities for planning and scheduling work. Planners and schedulers can now improve technician utilization and service efficiency with real-time location and work order data displayed on their personalized dashboards.

Cryotos  empowers planners and schedulers to get all the information they need, zoom-in on relevant data, and make business decisions with confidence. Its capabilities include intelligent resource recommendations, powerful contextual search, tracking technician locations, personalized job and resource views, real-time job notifications, and automatic recurring events scheduling.

Easy to Use Mobile App

With Cryotos Asset Tracking System, technicians see an average 27% improvement in productivity—almost an entire extra day in their weekly schedules without additional overtime. Unlike other apps, Cryotos design focuses heavily on user frendliness and in minimizing the number of taps for the technician.
Cryotos provides information about any work order, location, routing, and assets to be serviced, and  is also highly configurable and extensible, enabling seamless access to IoT diagnostics, collaboration, asset database, checklists, knowledge base, parts search, and more.

Dashboards and KPIs


Cryotos Asset Maintenance Management Software not only helps you control your maintenance costs. From technician utilization to inventory and all the metrics that affect your asset service, Cryotos delivers your KPIs accurately. In fact, the average Cryotos customer reports decreases in service costs by 18%.

Preventive Maintenance

With Cryotos Asset Maintenance Services, you get best in preventive maintenance management, from automated work order creation with set schedules featuring different frequencies of inspections and maintenance tasks to automatically adjusted maintenance intervals for work orer creation, to full condition-based plans that allow you to right-size your operations and maintenance work and continually transform toward a pro-active maintenance strategy. 

Work Order Software

MTTR, MTBR, Overall Equipment Effectiveness and much more

With Cryotos Asset Maintenance Management System, you can automatically calculate asset wise and plant wise metrics such as MTTR, MTBR which helps you to get overall picture of how efficient your assets are performing and what is the turnaround time when a breakdown occurs. 


Maintenance is a high-risk activity with specific hazards and risks and these include working alongside a running process and in close contact with machinery. Following a safety procedure before performing maintenance is crucial in ensuring the safety of the technician. By using Cryotos, you can ensure the safety of the technicians as Cryotos mandates safety checklist before moving on to the maintenance.

Inventory Management Software dashboard

Inventory and Parts Management

With Cryotos Asset Tracking Software, you can manage your inventory with ease. From getting notified when parts reach a critical amount to creating purchase orders, Cryotos has it all. Cryotos ensures visibility across technicians, locations and stores. You can also add parts on the go manually or by scanning QR code associated with the part. 

Cryotos Knowlegde Base

Cryotos Knowledge Base helps your maintenance team to use historical data of the asset to quickly solve the underlying issue with the asset. With Cryotos, Technicians not only can search for similar problems and solutions from the Knowledge Base but also get valid insights from the asset’s breakdown and maintenance history.

Asset Maintenance Services Mobile App

Workflow Creater

With Cryotos Workflow builder, you can create your workflow based on your company processes and is highly configurable and adaptable to organizational and market changes. Cryotos enables you to build workflows without any coding requirements. Also configure mailing lists and notifications when a workflow gets completed.

IOT and Predicitve Maintenance

Industrial IOT has transformed the way companies operate by delivering real-time asset data for better decision-making. By feeding asset performance and configuration data into Cryotos service execution engine, maintenance team can get to issues before they turn failures, thereby avoiding costly unplanned downtime.