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Customer service and customer satisfaction have forever been the most important aspects of business. Great customer service improves brand awareness, retains a loyal customer base, and increases business opportunities. With Cryotos Field Management Software, increase the potential to give your customers the best field management services.

Cryotos Field Management Suite helps original equipment manufacturers and service providers execute the entire service delivery process. Field Service involves a range of activities, starting from scheduling and dispatching to billing.

Cryotos AI-driven Field Service Management Software helps in delivering differentiated services that drive new sources of revenue, improve efficiency, and boost customer loyalty

    Industries We Serve

    Easy-to-use Facility Management Mobile App

    • Cryotos Facility Management Software is user-friendly and technicians can access relevant data with minimal taps.
    • You can generate, assess and prioritize work orders with our intelligent scheduling software.
    • Push notifications and email escalations to make sure work orders are completed on time.
    • Facility managers can create and approve work orders on your smartphones and tablets.
    • A preventive maintenance mobile app with updates, alerts and notes ensures team accountability.

    Work Order Management

    • With Cryotos you can be confident that your facility maintenance teams execute work efficiently and safely.
    • Your technicians can execute all their work with the help of our mobile application including instantly viewing work orders, parts planning, data collection, work order debrief, and signature capture and customer feedback.
    • Facility managers will have full visibility into work order execution, letting them fulfill internal SLAs and safety requirements.
    • Keep track of all work orders and make informed decisions.

    Workflow Creator

    • With Cryotos Workflow builder, you can create unlimited work orders from your desktop or mobile devices.
    • Highly configurable and adaptable to organizational and market changes.
    • Cryotos enables you to build workflows without any coding requirements.
    • Facility managers and technicians can always stay in the loop with regular status updates in the form of push notifications and mail escalations.

    Intelligent Scheduling

    Take advantage of powerful capabilities for planning and scheduling work. Planners and schedulers can now improve technician utilization and service efficiency with real-time location and work order data displayed on their personalized dashboards. Cryotos empowers planners and schedulers to get all the information they need, zoom-in on relevant data, and make business decisions with confidence. Its capabilities include intelligent resource recommendations, powerful contextual search, tracking technician locations, personalized job and resource views, real-time job notifications, and automatic recurring events scheduling.

    Documentation & Reporting

    • With Cryotos equipment tracking software, track work orders for future reference.
    • Work orders can be tracked on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis. This helps the facility managers in evaluating the areas that need greater focus and attention.
    • Allows tracking the equipment’s data like their history of issues, errors, and problems to prevent experiencing redundant issues.
    • Cryotos also allows automated reporting. You can customize your reports to your business needs to ensure consistency across teams.

    Cloud-based Application

    • Cryotos Cloud-based facility management software makes managing every aspect of Facility infrastructure easier and more efficient.
    • Facility managers can now address urgent matters and access important files on both desktops and smartphones.
    • Cryotos facility management software eases facility manager’s tasks at different levels to attain greater efficiency and improves effectiveness of the job being done.
    • You can also access our software offline and the data uploaded will get saved to the cloud once internet connectivity is enabled.

    What do our Clients say?

    Quick Response

    This CMMS checks many boxes for what we were looking for. Flexible. Mobile app for in the field use. Cost effective, Reporting, Great Dashboard, Great Support, Cloud based & offline support.

    Great Communication

    Cryotos is very easy to get involved in with simple monthly billing and no contracts. Cryotos strategy is very simple – here is our software you can customized it most categories.

    Customer satisfaction

    Cryotos is amazing. It has revolutionized the way we handle Facility Maintenance. The app is quick and easy to perform PM from our mobile. Attaching pictures is great feature.