Field Service Management Software​

The Magical Key

The magical key to boost one’s business is efficient facility management. It empowers organization to function at their highest levels. In other words, Facility management entails overseeing day-to-day activities of the organization to increase social interaction and efficiency.

Cryotos Facility Management Software enables you to manage entire facility portfolios without ever leaving your desk. Cryotos empowers maintenance teams with easy-to-use mobile applications for more efficient management of dynamic facilities and workplaces.

Plan and project maintenance management with intuitive dashboards, drag and drop features, scenario modeling, and real-time analytics.

    Industries We Serve

    Workflow Creator

    • Stay on top of your schedule at all times with Cryotos.
    • Our Field Service Management Software allows your technicians to instantly view work orders, parts planning, collected data, work order debrief, signature capture and customer feedback.
    • Technicians will appreciate having access to the full service workflow process and managers will appreciate having full visibility into work order execution, enabling them to fulfill internal SLAs and safety requirements.
    • Our efficient Field Service Software helps you in scheduling and dispatching technicians based on skill level and geographical locations.

    Work Order Management

    • Cryotos Work Order Software empowers your field technicians to execute their work efficiently and safely without any lag in communication.
    • With Cryotos field service management software, you will never double book a technician again.
    • Since field engineers are always on the move, they might need to procure the same parts to complete various tasks and repairs.
    • With Cryotos Inventory Management, you can always make sure your warehouses are well stocked.
    • Technicians can also access instructional resources like equipment manuals to diagnose and correct errors during execution of work orders.

    Location Based Tracking

    • With Cryotos Field Service Management App, both technicians and managers can enable GPS tracking to ensure they have the correct address for field visits.
    • You can also enable QR codes and image based check-ins in order to verify your technicians are at the right place at the right time. This also helps maintenance managers make data driven routing decisions.
    • Our software also lets you automate route planning. Field technicians are revealed the quickest route to take to complete a set of jobs, saving time and fuel.
    • Real-time GPS tracking also allows for intelligent work assignment and scheduling.


    Customer Management

    • Get instant customer feedback and ratings with Cryotos Field service management software.
    • Our AI engine intelligently assigns work orders based on customer feedback and the type of work and experience level of technician.
    • Cryotos Client Portal allows your clients to quickly, easily and safely access information and create requests, view past and present work orders to see the history of installed products.
    • Field technicians also have access to a similar customer database with notes on clients and serviced equipment.
    • Technicians can learn from them, improving customer service and customer satisfaction.


    Mobile Field Service Management App

    • With our Field Service Management App, you can assign work orders to field engineers on-the-go.
    • Cryotos CMMS App is user friendly and easily accessible.
    • Engineers can view schedules and receive push notifications when work orders are assigned. They can easily document their work at a particular site, take notes, record videos & audios and capture pictures. This can be stored with our cloud-based CMMS Software and accessed when needed.
    • Completed work orders are also saved and can be reviewed later.
    • Managers and field technicians can stay in touch with in-App messaging to avoid miscommunication.

    Inventory and Parts Management

    With Cryotos Field Service Management Solutions, you can manage your inventory with ease. From getting notified when parts reach a critical amount to creating purchase orders, Cryotos has it all. Cryotos ensures visibility across technicians, locations and stores. You can also add parts on the go manually or by scanning QR code associated with the part.

    Client Portal

    Cryotos Client Portal provides your clients with self-service capabilties, allowing them to quickly, easily and safely access information and perform tasks like create requests, view past and present work orders and see the history of the installed products.
    What do our Clients say?

    Quick Response

    This CMMS checks many boxes for what we were looking for. Flexible. Mobile app for in the field use. Cost effective, Reporting, Great Dashboard, Great Support, Cloud based & offline support.

    Great Communication

    Cryotos is very easy to get involved in with simple monthly billing and no contracts. Cryotos strategy is very simple – here is our software you can customized it most categories.

    Customer satisfaction

    Cryotos is amazing. It has revolutionized the way we handle Facility Maintenance. The app is quick and easy to perform PM from our mobile. Attaching pictures is great feature.