Mobile Attendance of Employee while on the GO

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Asset Tracking using Mobile App

Mobile Attendance of Employee Using GPS Tracking

Asset Tracking using Mobile App

Track the mobile attendance of your employees effectively with the GPS and mobile
attendance software. This criterion can help out because:

It can increase the mobile workforce productivity

There are businesses who suffer a lot due to inefficiencies and inabilities to track the mobile workforce productivity. The GPS tracking for the employers can keep the managers in control by having them view the real-time information about the mobile workforce. Since the managers have the tracking information they require, the productivity can improve a lot, in a dramatic manner. Either it is for the field sales team or the service agents, the productivity can improve vehemently.

The location and time can be on pinpoint

The tracking attendance of the mobile workforce can be a very heavy task but with the mobile attendance trackingapp, one can add the location details on the time stamps where this combination is a super effective. One can know and trace the employee’s whereabouts which is leading to an effective utilization of the time on the field.

There can be a track of the employee time which is in the office or in the field

The attendance tracking can work well in many scenarios where there might be employees who are working in the office or on the field. The employees can clock-in while they go in the office or can go on the field visit to the customer or they can also punch in their time at the client location. They can also come back to work and then clock out for the day. The time clock can become seamless when there is in-office attendance integrated with the biometric access device.

If there is no signal area, it can work offline too

The mobile tracking of location and time can become useless when the remote staffs are in areas where there is less of the cellular network coverage. With the GPS tracking, they will not have to worry about the signal tracking. The offline is also covered. The app can track the time and also coordinates with the best of information available and then it syncs back with the servers when the devices become online again

It can work on Android and iPhones

The mobile GPS tracking can work seamlessly if the employees use the Android or IOS device. Since the smartphones are becoming handy and ubiquitous for everyone, one can be sure that the mobile attendance tracking software can work with all of the employees.

The biggest consideration for the businesses with the remote workforce when choosing the time and attendance system is that they should ensure that they are a number of ways in which the on-the-go employees can log in the time. The system should be in such a way that it gives the remote employees with the ability to log in from the devices, which is of their choosing.

The mobile attendance tracking device can give the remote employees with many options of logging the time.


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