Cryotos Partnership Program

Become an Cryotos Partner
Are you affiliated with the repair industry as a contractor, consultant, manufacturer or service organization? Whether you are already delivering a product or service to the maintenance industry, becoming a Cryotos Partner Program might be the ideal way for you to add useful maintenance software to your customers to boost their efficiency and minimize maintenance costs, while also increasing your revenue!.

Referral Program

Your position as a Cryotos referral partner is simple: introduce Cryotos CMMS to business contacts who are looking for a system of maintenance management. If they’re interested, it is taken from there by the Cryotos team. Any time a contact chooses to adopt our solution, you’re paid.

Get a commission for each referral discount in your Cryotos subscription!

All support and training are done by us.

Reseller Program

Though globally recognized as a pioneer in software for computerized maintenance management, most of our market growth is concentrated in India and Asia. We are looking at improving that and moving into new markets. As a reseller of Cryotos, you can serve us through a long-term partnership in your area.

We provide training, user manuals, marketing tools and videos to discuss with customers

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