5 Benefits of FSM for the empowerment of employees

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Benefits Of FSM For The Empowerment Of Employees

In order to achieve their goals, the organizations opt for field service management so that they can cut costs and increase productivity. Since the FSM is for the employees, it can play a huge part in empowering the employees where their productivity can increase rapidly and at a faster pace.  Since there is a lot of automation going on, the employee’si.e. the technicians can perform better at the field by providing productive effort for the customers. The employees can benefit from the FSM with the below tools which will also empower them vehemently.

1. Mobile Access

The mobile field service management tool is deployed through the mobile handset. The employee can get all the information they need about the specific assigned task. The schedule of the day is accessible on the device where important essentials like documentation, route plan, remote network measurements, instructions, etc. When the job is done, the customer can sign off digitally where all the information is transferred directly to the back office.

2. Knowledge Base

Through the field service management solution, the knowledge is quick and easy to access and is also shared. The technicians are empowered and are always prepared through the knowledge base module. Even if there is a problem regarding location or customer or a piece of equipment, the technicians are always prepared since they have the graphical and written instructions available.

3. Spare Parts Management

When the field service technician arrives at the client premises through the right equipment and parts in order to do the job required, it can leave a positive impression on the customer. Customer satisfaction can go south if the technician has to return to the warehouse in order to collect the correct and required tools. Through FSM, this kind of inconvenience can be saved since there can be an ability to deploy the optimization tools in order to help predict the nature and also the solution of the problem so that a lot of cases can be resolved rapidly and productively.

The FSM can also empower the different types of employees like:

1. Customer Service

Being a CSR is all about solving the problem quickly and also at the first attempt. Through the FSM, the CSR will be able to keep the client informed about which technician is expected and also when in real time. The employee will not need to break the connection and promise to call back later and then make an appointment which can obviously be frustrating to the client when will in return, damage the image of the organization.

2. Salesperson

The sales process is such a criterion that by nature it can involve disappointments for the salesperson. The record of every successful and unsuccessful contact will be kept and every customer must be kept engaged the moment they have signed on the dotted line. Through field service management, there can be a limit in the number of unsuccessful interactions which even allows the technicians to carry out the sales activity productively.


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