5 Tips to manage Field Service and Workforce activity

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Service Workforce

Tips to manage Field Service and Workforce activity

Service Workforce

Field service management and the workforce activity has become an essential requirement in the organization so that the organizations are on the road to the service delivery excellence. A flawless form of service delivery is no longer considered to be the USP of the companies but the USP is more of delivering the basic requisite for the modern customers.

Since there has been an advent of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML), making their way into the field service management (FSM) software arena, it can be said that the FSM software can make the life easy for not only on-field technicians but also the clients.

Below are the 5 tips to manage not only the field service but also the workforce activity

1. Contract Management

The contract management is considered to be the most important part of the field service operation. If there is no visibility on the contracts for all the parties involved, one might find their business and clients struggling over questions like:

  1. What are the points that the service level agreement (SLA) cover?
  2. Do the clients have a warranty
  3. When does the contract renew

Without proper SLA outlined, one might risk meeting the customer’s success goals.

2. Scheduling in a centralized way

The centralized scheduling dashboard can keep the service delivery organizations running smoothly because there is an efficient coordination between the scheduled maintenance visit, service calls, or the impromptu repairs. You can make most of this feature by inputting all the data from your on-field technicians like local language knowledge, skills, employees on leave, shift timings, contact information, etc. Through this, you can allocate the best resource available for each of the project which is based on all the criteria’s mentioned above.

3. Mobility

Employees and clients demand mobility. The mobile-ready software will allow the service workers to have access to all the client information at the finger tips. Through this, the technicians can focus more on the actual maintenance and repairing work rather than wasting time on the paper work. Since the feature will be used to the fullest, there can be a result of happier employees and customers.

4. Management of inventory

Inventory management is often the neglected part of the field service operations and it is considered to be crucial for the business growth. Training the team to utilize the inventory management features and keeping the stocks up-to-date can help the business with avoiding any situation. This can retain customers and also grow business.

5. Integration capabilities

There are many organizations that use multiple enterprise software to run the operations. This software produces a lot of data that might not increase productivity if one is not able to garner any type of insight from it. It is not possible to manually compare all of the information. This is the reason why the integration capabilities of the FSM software is essential when there is a selection of the solution.

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