Can Chatbot Help Field Service Industries?

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Mobile application

Can Chatbot help Field Service Industries?

Mobile application

In the present scenario, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a boon for every industry. The field service company is already being helped by AI where the jobs have become more efficient. With the use of chatbots, there has been an immense acceleration in the quality of service.

The chatbots are considered to be an automated form of customer service agents which utilize AI to perform tasks like providing first-level support, moderating customer requests, and assisting the field technicians vehemently. It has been estimated that in 2019, there are 40% of businesses who will be using the chatbots in order to simplify the sales process. The chatbot usually undertakes the basic entry work when the customers visit the site where they ask the customers their queries. This helps in reducing the work of the employees where the employees are also left with time to do complex work. Below are the ways in which the chatbots are revolutionizing and immensely changing the field service industry.

  1.  The scheduling can be done easier: The chatbots can help in making schedules easy where the users can book a service after a brief chat rather than the customer spending abundant time on the phone or going through the various options on the map.
  2.  Alerts on a real-time basis: In order to complete a successful sale, the salesperson should have the right data and at the right time in order to make sure he/she can craft an intelligent plan and also predict the line of action. The salesperson can be availed by the chatbots by sending him/her with real-time alerts and push reminders and notification about the high-priority tasks which are pending where the chatbot also provides timely updates.
  3.  The search functionality is enhanced: Currently, the field service agents can search the client history and also essential information by navigating on the mobile field service software which is through a wide variety of options. But with the chatbots, there is a conversation based interface where the technicians can use the chatbot in order to retrieve the customer’s information instantly.
  4.  Amalgamation with the CRM: The CRM is considered to be a place where the sales team can build up a record of all the customer interaction. Through AI, this form of interaction can be very refined and smarter. This is regarded as one of the most important uses of chatbots. Any member of the sales team, through chatbot, can ask a question which is related to KPI’s or previous interactions or having access to the CRM on the go.

The actual notion is that there is better CRM usage with chatbots where there is an enhancement of time-management and the sales team can also concentrate on the tasks which require their specialized attention. Field service management software can also increase drastically. This, in turn, increases the productivity of every employee while there is an increase in the company’s revenue as well. Chatbots are truly revolutionizing the productivity of the employees.


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