Field Service Management Guide for Customers

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Mobile software applications

Field Service Management Guide for Customers

Mobile software applications

It is one of the toughest operational tasks for the small field service providers to manage a team of technicians that can barely report to the office. It is a notion that they might still depend on the obsolete manual methods in order to allocate work and also to track the mobile workforce. This is a task which is tedious and prone to human error. The field technicians also handle the emergency calls which have to be prioritized when compared to the regular workflow. There can be poor customer service if there is even the slightest bit of miscommunication or delay or incomplete information.

In this context, the field service management can be considered a savior. But to choose which tool can be challenging since there are a lot of features, prerequisites and software specifics in order to be considered before one can pick up the best tool for his/her business.

The types of FSM include:

 Core field service management functionalities

  1. Job management and tracking can be used to assign jobs, send job-related notifications, and managing each aspect related to the job handling
  2. Customer Managementcan track, record and analyzethe interactions with the field engineers, customer history and also other details
  3. Through customization, certain attributes of the software can be added, removed or changed
  4. Through integration, the users can connect to the multiple system applications
  5. Scheduling and dispatching feature can help you to receive the job requests from the customers
  6. Through job costing, a series of customer requirements can be understood
  7. The payment process and invoicing helps you deal with the financial part of the service.

Scheduling and dispatch functionalities

  1. The technicians can be availed with the route directions through the geographic maps
  2. Multi-location can be used to manage multiple service centers
  3. The technicians can be availed with the most cost-effective route through the route optimization feature
  4. The dispatch management feature can help one in streamlining the process of assigning the service requests for the staff
  5. The Global Positioning System (GPS) can help one enable to track the office staff

Job Tracking and Management Functionalities

  1. The real-time update feature can avail the users in sending notifications and also alerts to not only the office staffs but also the field agents
  2. The feature of tracking of both time and expenses can help the field staff in completing the assigned service request
  3. The workflow management feature can execute, define and monitor the steps which are for the automatic business workflows
  4. Now you can track and monitor the technician’s activities with the employee management feature that can update them with the service requests and also track the technician’s location.

There are also others like:

  • Job Costing functionalities
  • Customer management functionalities
  • Customization functionalities
  • Payment and invoicing processing functionalities
  • Integration functionalities

The above-detailed field service management features can help you in choosing the right software.

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