What is a CMMS? How it Works? How to Evaluate CMMS? Key Features and Benefits

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What is a CMMS? How it Works? How to evaluate CMMS? Key Features and Benefits

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Does it make you awe? Sitting simply and focus on your business growth, a CMMS maintenance tracking software can do the rest! It is a picture of infinite beauty to every business people. There is no need to buzz with a routine database with pen and pencil. We live in a digitalized world that gives records of your business in a single tap. 


Cool, Let us Know What Is CMMS Software?             


CMMS stands for a Computerized Maintenance Management System. CMMS is a software solution that makes the business maintenance process become plain sailing!


A CMMS software can help to get optimal maintenance operations and work order management. It is an efficient solution to streamline maintenance information, work order process, and automates the team to become proactive and constructively navigate the team.


What Is Maintenance Management System – The term defines less manual handwork, yet hands-on real-time information in a more computerized system to proceed business productively for achieving goals.


39% of companies are preferred CMMS to manage maintenance activities (Source). A CMMS software can contribute efficiently towards the work, and the scenario is, any kind of intensive industry can simply forecast the upcoming struggles and endow all preventive maintenance. 


Benefits of CMMS Software             


No more thinking, a CMMS software is a pack of benefits for all kinds of business that runs under hectic programs, work orders, and operations. A CMMS software can be applicable for all category businesses to use CMMS software for facility management, asset maintenance, and more.


Know how CMMS software can help your business and its benefits,


·         Automation and easy work scheduling

·         Reduce downtime, smart investment and enhance productivity

·         Crystal clear view in workflow

·         Preventive asset management and maintenance

·         Customized and data-driven maintenance reports to make decisions

·         Easy and efficient inventory management


Key Features and For What A CMMS Software Used?        


A CMMS software can be used for all maintenance tracking purposes such as,


Asset Management: A CMMS software can facilitate asset tracking from mid-size companies to large industries. Asset management software can track all assets like track inventories, hardware, software and create optimized asset management software based on your needs.


Vendor Management: A CMMS software provides a centralized repository for project maintenance of businesses that strengthen the vendor relationship through the capabilities such as a history of data, work schedule, purchase, and disposal.


Inventory Management: Up-keeping purchase cost of equipment, kits, machines, and other business purchase items in real-time to manage the cost of investments.


Work Order Simplification: Maintain the work order and retrieve the client-related queries easily.


Preventive Maintenance: Predict the future instances to protect assets based on the work history or records.


How Can We Evaluate CMMS Software?                


Understand what does important to your business, you should consider your list of requirements and ensure those are essential for your business. Using a perfect Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) can do a complete makeover in your businesses.


Comparing different CMMS software and then make a purchase decision is a predominant thing, so that, go with the free trial and make a schedule for a demo. It will make the purchase process becomes smooth, once you picked the right one, you can see the positive graph in your business maintenance system. Make a small checklist below, 

  •           Know your industry and company size
  •          Get to know well the features of CMMS software
  •      Implement CMMS software that fulfils your business needs and trigger the facility managers to utilize it wisely
  •         The most beautiful thing is, if the CMMS software has a free trial and a demo, go for it. A systematic approach can help to understand the software well
  •         Costs of CMMS software may vary based on the number of features. Ensure the costs of hosting the software, including server infrastructure and IT personnel

How a CMMS Software Works?       


A CMMS is maintenance management software running based on work performed by the team. When an order request is raised, worked data will process in CMMS to generate reports which show the resource-intensive assets, team productivity, and maintenance costs.


Anyone can create a work request, for example, the management or working staff. Once they completed the work order then CMMS start to process the report by the information added by the team such as locations, assets, equipment details, spent time, costs, and other essential data for future reporting that’s why CMMS software is called a data-driven management solution to take wise decision with the root cause of analysis.


The team can retrieve and take a report at any time. In addition, sensors in CMMS can automatically generate work orders details and process the report function.


What is a Mobile CMMS?     


A mobile CMMS can streamline the work order process at various locations. It makes to use the resource working hours efficiently even they went out from the working environment.


Bottom Line:


CMMS is designed to maximize the value delivered from productive assets. It is predicted that the CMMS market share may reach $1.5 in 2025(Source).The CMMS market trends and experts say that the cost and technological resistance are a barrier for CMMS adoption, yet it is decreasing as time goes by. Make a smart decision in picking CMMS software for your company to produce enrich results.





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