Why Preventive Maintenance for Heating and Cooling Equipment Is Essential?

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Why Preventive Maintenance for Heating and Cooling Equipment Is Essential?

Take any mechanical system into consideration and it would be evident that maintaining the equipment in peak condition is part and parcel of its working. There are various ways to ensure that heating and cooling equipment are kept in the best possible state. Preventive maintenance of the HVAC system is needed to ensure that it works at maximum efficiency and with the least possible down times as far as possible.

What makes preventive maintenance important?

At the heart of preventive maintenance lies the fact that technicians are trying to predict failures and take steps to prevent them from happening. At any maintenance work, it is not just the repairs that are carried out but the steps to ensure the maximum efficiency is taken into consideration. The following are the main features of a good preventive maintenance program for the HVAC system. 

  • Fewer Repairs: The implementation of a good preventive maintenance schedule would ensure that there are fewer breakdowns and thus fewer repairs to be carried out on the system. For instance, if there were a frayed belt in the HVAC system, it is bound to create some noise while operating. If the technician can replace the belt in time and before breakdown of the piece, it would ensure continuous operation of the system. 
  • Safer Equipment Operation: An HVAC system that is faulty would not only mean a less efficient system, but also posses a hazard to the people using it. For instance, if the HVAC system were to have a short circuit, it could result in a fire that might endanger the lives of people as well as property. 
  • Longer Equipment Life: It has been noticed that people that follow an effective preventive maintenance schedule tend to have equipment life that is far longer then otherwise. A faulty equipment in the HVAC system would cause failures in the other supporting systems as well which in turn means less life out of the working system. Having an efficient preventive maintenance schedule would pay for itself over the life of the system as it would mean fewer repairs and lesser money spent on purchasing spares. 
  • Lower Operating Costs: Equipment like the HVAC tend to have energy costs associated with running them. Having a system work at maximum efficiency would mean a lesser cost of operation. A neglected system would mean a higher cost to keeping occupants in the same level of comfort. 

As has been seen in above, there are marked advantages to following a good preventive maintenance schedule for the HVAC system. Over a period of time, it has been noticed that the improved efficiencies tend to pay for the cost involved in having the system overhauled periodically. 

The advantages of using preventive maintenance software 

The Cryotos CMMS or Cryotos Computerized Maintenance Management System is a software that can be used to help maintain the HVAC systems installed in an organization. There are several advantages to using a CMMS program as has been discussed below. 

  • Asset Visibility: With the Cryotos CMMS in place, it is possible to monitor the entire working system at one go. A centralized data base would have details like when parts were purchased, frequency of breakdowns, when maintenance was performed, parts used, efficiency valuation and so on. 
  • Workflow visibility: Most CMMS like the Cryotos CMMS would have a dashboard that acts as a user interface as well. It is possible to schematically represent the whole working system and have markers set out to identify specific problem as and when they occur. The maintenance staff can monitor the working of the HVAC system on real time basis enabling quick decisions to be made. 
  • Automation: With CMMS it is possible to automate the most mundane activities. This leaves the personnel to focus on areas that need manual intervention most of the time. Most of the system administration is taken over by the software thus leaving the people running the software to take the crucial decisions. 
  • Streamlined Processes: The parties involved can view and track the work orders. The use of mobile handsets would mean that it is possible to keep the technicians at the lowest level in loop with the working system. Materials and resources can be prioritized and controlled effectively. 
  • Managing The Workforce: With the implementation of the Cryotos CMMS, it is possible to micromanage the workforce to an extent not possible manually. The advanced levels of connectivity ensures that instructions are carried out to the people at the very end of the chain. 
  • Effective Preventive Maintenance: The use of the CMMS would enable the work force to move from a reactive situation to a proactive stance. They are able to take action promptly and effectively. HVAC maintenance software has been a force multiplier where ever it has been implemented. 
  • Consistent: The use of software in preventive maintenance would ensure consistency in the working of the team as a whole and the HVAC system in general. 
  • Managing Audits: Most system audits are very disruptive in nature but with the use of CMMS it is possible to smooth out the audit actions by providing data inputs from the central controlling point or console. 

Thus, it can be seen that implementing the Cryotos CMMS Software with the HVAC system maintenance brings forth synergies of operation that would not have been possible otherwise. There is of course a cost associated with the use of the CMMS but it can be recovered over time with the better efficiencies achieved with the working system. 

What does the future hold for CMMS? 

These are exciting times for companies that deal with software like Cryotos CMMS. The introduction of smartphones to the workforce has meant that the software is more effective in controlling the maintenance activity more than ever before. With the implementation of cloud solutions to storing data, it would mean faster and more efficient ways of doing things. 

HVAC systems are getting to be more complex than ever before and their preventive maintenance is taking on new avenues every day. More than just an efficient way of doing things preventive maintenance seeks to keep the system operational to the most extent possible. It tends to make the most use of the maintenance schedules and keeps the equipment operational for the most periods of time. 


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