Old Preventive Maintenance (OpM) Out, New Preventive Maintenance (NpM) In

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Preventive maintenance

Old and New Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

When talking about the new preventive maintenance, there has been a dramatic change in the mobility of workplace in the past few years. The employees are on the go for the functional portion of the week, be it for moving from floor-to-floor in the building or flying away for business meetings.

For the facility manager, it becomes a tricky task to keep a tab on all the employees and also to see the workflow. Apart from texting and emailing, the facility managers need to access the tools effectively to manage the team. To curb this hassle, there are many apps available to make the job of the facilities manager effective and streamlined.

By using mobile software for facility management, the business can:

Paperless transactions and saves time

Time is regarded as money and in this world of a competitive market; the organisations are looking for ways in which they can boost their employee’s productivity.

Through the use of the mobile software, there is not only quick response but also reduced time-to-resolution, which also define the cost-effective workplace in today’s business scenario. This also results in zero need for paper-based procedures because everything is being conducted digitally.

A feature of using without an internet connection

The best mobile software for facility management is not the one which can be operated online but also offline.

In today’s business world, we need to be prepared for anything, and there might come a time when there might be no internet connection, and your business should be prepared so that it can use the software even when there is no internet connection.

This feature will help your business productivity to remain intact all the time.

An easy share of data across the entire organisation

There are many offices and departments which have realised that there are many inefficiencies and also costs which are related to paper-based workflow. It is for this reason that the mobile apps should be used to not only collect the critical data but also communicate it to the necessary department or parties.

All the facility managers have to do is carry the mobile device and access the app to receive quick real-time access to the asset details, work orders and also detailed job plans.

Streamlining the daily operations

The mobile apps contribute to the company’s bottom line as a regular operational movement since it reduces the high maintenance costs. The employees can not only work more efficiently but also with increased agility, which further results in being apt in responding to the necessary conditions


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