How Can Facility Managers Prepare for COVID-19 Pandemic?

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In the modern world, where uncertainty has become a constant companion, the COVID-19 pandemic stands out as a monumental challenge that has reshaped nearly every aspect of our lives. From the way we work and interact to how we manage public spaces, the pandemic's impact has been profound. Amid this upheaval, facility managers have found themselves at the forefront, tasked with a complex and evolving responsibility – maintaining the health and safety of occupants while ensuring the smooth operation of various spaces.

How Can Facility Managers Prepare for COVID-19 Pandemic?

As the pandemic continues to remind us of the importance of adaptability and preparedness, facility managers have been given a unique opportunity to rethink their strategies, harness innovative solutions, and create resilient environments.

In this guide, we delve into the strategies, insights, and best practices that facility managers can adopt to effectively prepare for and respond to the challenges posed by COVID-19.

Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on Facility Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted Facility Management, requiring facility managers to adapt and implement new strategies to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants.

Health and safety protocols
The spread of COVID-19 has necessitated the implementation of strict health and safety protocols within facilities. Facility managers are responsible for developing and enforcing these protocols, which often include increased cleaning and disinfection practices, social distancing measures, as well as the provision of personal protective equipment (PPE) for employees and visitors.
Occupancy restrictions
Many facilities have had to limit occupancy to comply with social distancing guidelines. Facility managers must closely monitor and manage occupancy levels to ensure compliance. This may involve implementing reservation systems or staggered scheduling to control the number of people within a facility at any given time.
Remote work arrangements
With the rise of remote work during the pandemic, facility managers have had to adapt their strategies to accommodate employees working from home. This may involve adjusting facility operations, such as reducing building services or reconfiguring workspaces to create a more flexible and agile environment.
Ventilation and airflow management
The transmission of COVID-19 can be mitigated by improving ventilation and airflow within facilities. Facility managers need to assess and optimize ventilation systems, ensuring that they meet recommended air circulation and filtration guidelines to minimize the risk of virus transmission.
Communication and collaboration
Effective communication and collaboration have become crucial in managing facility operations during the pandemic. Facility managers must establish clear communication channels with occupants, employees, and stakeholders to provide regular updates on safety protocols, changes in facility operations, and any relevant information regarding the pandemic.

Assessing and Updating Safety Protocols

Here are some key steps facility managers should take when assessing and updating safety protocols:

Stay informed
Stay updated on the latest guidelines and recommendations from reputable health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). These organizations provide valuable information on best practices for preventing the spread of COVID-19 and can help inform your decision-making process.
Develop a comprehensive safety plan
Based on your risk assessment, develop a detailed safety plan that outlines specific protocols and measures to be implemented. This plan should include guidelines for cleaning and disinfection practices, social distancing measures, personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements, and other relevant safety procedures. Communicate these protocols to all occupants and employees to ensure compliance.
Regularly review and update protocols
Continuously evaluate the effectiveness of your safety protocols and make necessary updates as new information becomes available. Stay informed about research findings, emerging trends, and changes in guidelines to ensure your protocols align with the latest knowledge about COVID-19.
Train and educate occupants and employees
Provide thorough training and education to all occupants and employees regarding the updated safety protocols. Promote awareness and understanding of the importance of following these protocols to maintain a safe and healthy environment. Consider conducting regular refresher training to reinforce adherence to the established guidelines.

Implementing Social Distancing Measures

Facility managers are crucial in ensuring these measures are effectively implemented within their facilities. Here are some steps that facility managers can take to implement social distancing measures:

Assess the facility layout
Start by evaluating the layout of your facility to identify areas where social distancing may be challenging. Look for spaces where people typically gather or come into close contact, such as break rooms, conference rooms, and common areas. Consider rearranging furniture or implementing physical barriers, such as partitions or dividers, to create distance between individuals.
Set occupancy limits
Determine the maximum number of people safely occupying different facility areas while maintaining social distancing. This may involve reducing the number of desks or workstations in open office areas, closing off certain facility sections, or establishing staggered shifts to limit the number of employees present at any given time.
Display signage
Clearly communicate social distancing guidelines throughout the facility by posting informative and visible signage. Use floor markers to indicate appropriate distancing, and place signs in prominent locations reminding occupants to maintain a safe distance from others.
Implement one-way traffic flow
To minimize contact between individuals, establish designated paths for movement throughout the facility. Mark entrances, exits, and hallways to create a one-way traffic flow, reducing the chances of people crossing paths and coming into close contact.
Provide personal protective equipment (PPE)
When maintaining physical distance is impossible, provide employees and occupants with appropriate PPE, such as face masks or shields. Encourage their use in areas where close interactions are necessary, such as reception areas or service counters.
Promote hygiene practices
Alongside social distancing, emphasize the importance of proper hygiene practices, such as regular hand washing and sanitizing. Install hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility, especially in high-traffic areas. Encourage frequent handwashing and provide clear guidelines on proper hand hygiene techniques.

Enhancing Cleaning and Sanitization Practices

Along with implementing social distancing measures, enhancing cleaning and sanitization practices is crucial for facility managers in preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some steps facility managers can take to enhance cleaning and sanitization practices:

Conduct a thorough assessment
Start by evaluating the current cleaning protocols and practices in your facility. Identify high-touch surfaces and areas that require regular cleaning and disinfection, such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and restroom fixtures. Consider the frequency of cleaning required for each area based on occupancy and use.
Use appropriate cleaning products
It is essential to use cleaning products that are approved by relevant health authorities and are effective against the virus that causes COVID-19. Look for disinfectants that are EPA-approved and follow the instructions for use carefully. Ensure that cleaning staff have access to necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves and masks, while handling cleaning products.
Develop a cleaning schedule
Establish a comprehensive cleaning schedule that outlines the frequency and specific tasks to be performed. Pay close attention to high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, ensuring they are cleaned and disinfected more frequently. Consider implementing additional cleaning shifts or dedicated cleaning personnel to maintain a consistent and thorough cleaning routine.
Train cleaning staff
Provide training and education to cleaning staff on the proper use of cleaning products, disinfection techniques, and safety protocols. Train them to focus on high-touch surfaces, emphasize proper hand hygiene, and ensure they understand the importance of their role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.
Collaborate with cleaning contractors and vendors
If your facility relies on external cleaning contractors or vendors, collaborate closely with them to ensure they follow the recommended cleaning protocols. Maintain open lines of communication, share updates on cleaning guidelines, and verify that their practices align with your facility's requirements and standards.

Communicating with Tenants and Employees

Facility managers must establish transparent and empathetic communication lines with tenants and employees to address concerns, share crucial information, and foster a sense of unity. Regularly update occupants about the implemented health and safety protocols, detailing the steps to mitigate risks. Provide clear instructions on hygiene practices, physical distancing guidelines, and any changes in facility operations. Utilize various channels such as emails, newsletters, signage, and even virtual town hall meetings to ensure that everyone is well-informed. Beyond relaying information, create an environment where feedback is encouraged. Listen to the concerns and suggestions of tenants and employees and address them promptly. By establishing a culture of open communication, facility managers can build trust, alleviate fears, and promote a shared commitment to overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Monitoring and Adapting to Changes in Guidelines

As the situation evolves, it is important for facility managers to stay informed and up to date with the latest guidelines and recommendations from health authorities.

Regularly monitor updates from reputable sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Create a dedicated team or designate an individual responsible for keeping track of evolving guidelines and translating them into actionable measures for your facility. Flexibility is key – be prepared to adjust your protocols, procedures, and even physical layouts in response to new information. Moreover, communicate these changes transparently to occupants, explaining the rationale behind the modifications. By maintaining vigilance and promptly incorporating new guidelines, facility managers can ensure that their spaces remain compliant, safe, and aligned with the latest insights in the battle against COVID-19.

Planning for Future Disruptions: A Crucial Step for Facility Managers

Here are some ways on how Facility managers can plan for future disruptions.

  • Anticipate various potential scenarios, considering health crises, natural disasters, technological failures, and more.
  • Develop a comprehensive business continuity plan outlining essential functions, roles, and communication strategies during disruptions.
  • Establish protocols that enable swift changes in facility operations, ensuring seamless transitions during disruptions.
  • Adopt technology that aids remote operations, virtual communication, and remote monitoring of systems for continued functionality.
  • Allocate resources wisely, considering reserve supplies, staffing plans, and alternative solutions to sustain operations.
  • Develop a communication plan informing tenants, employees, and stakeholders about changes and expectations.
  • Conduct drills and training sessions to familiarize occupants and staff with response protocols, enhancing readiness.

How is Cryotos CMMS Responding to this Pandemic?

Cryotos CMMS is committed to following guidelines recommended by ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) and the World Health Organization to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the virus that causes it.

Our precautions include
  • Allowing all employees to work from home to ensure social distancing and equipping employees with the technology they need to continue their full-service activities without interruption.
  • Suspending all business travel.
  • Conducting scheduled meetings remotely.
  • Reminding all employees of recommended hygiene measures, such as handwashing, to help reduce the potential risk of virus transmission.
  • Continuing to monitor the situation and remaining vigilant for any updates.

We are well-equipped for remote work while still providing uninterrupted service, support, and solutions for our customers and colleagues. We take a practical approach to safety and health, but we remain calm and confident in maintaining business continuity.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

In the uncharted territories of the COVID-19 pandemic, facility managers have emerged as frontline guardians of safety and functionality. This guide underscores that their preparation involves a delicate blend of health-conscious protocols, agile communication, and future-proof planning. Amid these challenges, the integration of innovative tools such as Cryotos CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) stands as a beacon of support. With Cryotos, facility managers can streamline operations and communication and bolster their pandemic response capabilities. As the world continues to grapple with uncertainties, these strategic measures, coupled with the advanced capabilities of Cryotos CMMS, equip facility managers to navigate the pandemic's complexities with resilience and effectiveness.

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There is no negative observation till now.

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Scheduling & PPM for Maintenance Activity.

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We are still in the midst of experimenting all the functions in Cryotos, for now is the ease of using asset management and as a scheduler.

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Asset Management - Is Very easy for us, which make us to easily complete the tasks.

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The very specific feature of the software is "AMC Monitoring"

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As of now this software provides a better solution for us.

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Asset monitoring is very helpful.

Able to track the machine availability using the MTTR & MTBF details.

MIS Dashboard - Provides the breakdown information of all our machines.

The dahboards & reports generates the accurate details our assets.

They also provide the customizable dashboard option using Metabase.

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CMMS help us control all machinery brekdowns and factory problem. CMMS collet all data about our historical data, its help analize deviations. With this system we build all necessary processes which we need in our factory, which are work autonomous.

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