List of Top 10 Facility Management Software 2024

Top 10 Facility Management Software 2024

In the dynamic world of facility management, 2023 has ushered in an era where technology is not just an accessory but a fundamental pillar. Facility management continuously evolves, adapting to new challenges and opportunities technological advancements present. This shift towards tech-driven solutions transforms how facilities are managed, making processes more efficient, data-driven, and responsive to the changing needs of businesses and their stakeholders.

Recognizing this trend, we focus on the tools at the forefront of this transformation. In this blog, we delve into the top facility management software of 2023, starting with a detailed look at Cryotos. This exploration is about listing software and understanding how each can be a game-changer in facility management. From streamlining operations to enhancing asset management, these software solutions are redefining the standards of efficiency and effectiveness in managing facilities. Join us as we navigate these technological marvels, shedding light on their features, benefits, and the unique value they bring to the table in the ever-evolving world of facility management.

Key Points to Consider When Evaluating a Facility Management System

When selecting the right Facility Management Software, decision-making involves more than just picking a popular choice. It's about finding a solution that aligns perfectly with your organization's unique needs and goals. To aid in this critical decision, here are some key factors to consider:

Customization and Scalability

The ideal facility management software should fit your current needs and adapt as your organization grows. Look for software that offers customization options, allowing you to tailor it to your requirements. Scalability is crucial; the software should grow with your business, accommodating increased demands without compromising performance.

Integration Capabilities

In today's interconnected world, your facility management software should seamlessly integrate with existing systems and technologies in your organization. This integration capability ensures a smooth workflow and data consistency across different platforms, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

User Experience

The usability of the software plays a significant role in its effectiveness. A system with an intuitive, user-friendly interface is to be embraced more readily by your team. Consider the learning curve associated with the software and how easily your staff can adapt to it.

Feature Set and Functionality

Evaluate the range of features offered by the software. Essential functionalities to look for include asset management, preventive maintenance, and robust reporting capabilities. A comprehensive feature set ensures that all aspects of facility management are covered.

Cost and ROI

Budget considerations are always paramount. Analyze the pricing models of the software and balance them against the potential return on investment and cost savings it offers. The goal is to choose a solution that provides maximum value for your investment.

Support and Training

After-sales support and training are critical components of any software package. Investigate the level of customer support provided by the vendor and the availability of training resources to ensure smooth implementation and ongoing usage.

Security and Compliance

With data breaches becoming increasingly common, the security features of the software cannot be overlooked. Ensure the chosen solution adheres to industry standards and regulations, particularly in data security and privacy.

Vendor Reputation and Reviews

Finally, take the time to research the vendor's reputation in the market. Read reviews and testimonials from current users to gauge their satisfaction levels and the performance of the software. This feedback can provide valuable insights into the reliability and effectiveness of the solution.

We have finally compiled our Top 10 Facility Management Software list for 2023!

Cryotos Facility Management Software

Cryotos: A Beacon of Innovation in Facility Maintenance Management

Welcome to Cryotos CMMS, the epitome of innovation and functionality in facility maintenance management. Cryotos blends cutting-edge technology with user-centric design to offer a seamless maintenance management experience. Our platform is meticulously crafted to cater to the multifaceted demands of contemporary businesses, fostering growth and operational excellence. Embrace Cryotos as your ally in the journey towards unparalleled success, where innovation harmonizes with the core tenets of efficiency and practicality.

Key Features of Cryotos CMMS
  • Streamlined Work Order Management: Dive into a world where managing work orders is a breeze, thanks to our streamlined processes that boost productivity and efficiency.

  • Workflow Automation: Transition from manual to magical with our Intuitive Workflow Automation, liberating your time and resources for more strategic tasks.

  • Proactive Preventive Maintenance: Stay ahead of the curve with our Preventive Maintenance features, ensuring your assets' longevity and optimal performance.

  • Real-Time Asset Tracking: Experience the future of asset management with real-time tracking, providing instant and insightful data at your fingertips.

  • Advanced Inventory Management: Elevate your inventory management with our sophisticated system, ensuring precise control and management of spare parts.

  • Simplified Rate Scheduling and QR Code Scanning: Navigate the complexities of asset management with ease, thanks to our simplified rate scheduling and innovative QR code scanning technology.
Industries We Serve
  • Manufacturing: Enhancing efficiency and streamlining processes in the manufacturing sector.

  • Automotive: Driving success in the fast-paced automotive industry with tailored solutions.

  • Oil and Gas: Delivering robust and reliable solutions for the demanding oil and gas sector.

  • Drilling and Mining: Ensuring safety and efficiency in the challenging environments of drilling and mining.

  • Welding and Cutting: Bringing precision and reliability to the forefront in the welding and cutting industry.

Cryotos CMMS stands as a beacon of innovation in facility maintenance management, guiding businesses toward a future where maintenance management is efficient and effortless. Join us in embracing this new era of maintenance management, where every feature and solution is a step towards operational excellence.

Brightly Asset Essentials

Brightly Asset Essentials emerges as a pragmatic and efficient solution in facility management software. Designed to simplify the complexities of asset tracking and maintenance management, Brightly Asset Essentials stands out for its ability to provide clear, actionable insights into the health and performance of assets. The software is equipped with a comprehensive suite of tools that facilitate tracking and proactive management of assets, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

A key feature of Brightly Asset Essentials is its robust decision support system, which empowers facility managers to make informed, data-driven decisions. The software's integration capabilities are noteworthy, allowing for seamless synchronization with existing systems, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency. Additionally, its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use, making it accessible to many users, regardless of their technical expertise. The inclusion of advanced reporting tools further enhances its appeal, providing users with detailed insights and analytics to guide strategic planning and resource allocation. Brightly Asset Essentials is a reliable choice for those seeking a comprehensive yet straightforward approach to facility management.


eFACiLiTY is a versatile and comprehensive facility management software designed to cater to various facility operations management needs. It excels in providing an integrated approach to managing space, assets, and maintenance tasks, making it a one-stop solution for facilities of various sizes and types. The software's strength lies in offering a unified platform that simplifies complex facility management challenges. With eFACiLiTY, users can expect seamless coordination of facility management, from space optimization and asset tracking to routine maintenance and repair schedules.

One of the standout features of eFACiLiTY is its advanced analytics capability, which enables facility managers to gain deep insights into operational data, helping them make informed decisions and improve overall efficiency. The software's adaptability to diverse facility management requirements and its robust analytical tools position eFACiLiTY as a reliable and efficient choice for organizations seeking to streamline their facility management processes.


QuickFMS stands out in the facility management software landscape as a cloud-based solution that brings a new efficiency level to business organization and facility management. This software is designed to streamline the complexities of managing various business components and portfolios, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a modern approach to facility management. Key features of QuickFMS include its robust cloud infrastructure, which ensures accessibility and scalability, and its ability to enhance overall business organization efficiency.

A significant advantage of QuickFMS is its real-time data analytics capability, which provides users with immediate insights into their operations, aiding in more informed decision-making processes. Additionally, the software excels in portfolio management, offering tools that help manage and optimize the use of space and resources across multiple locations. This, in turn, contributes to a noticeable enhancement in return on investment (ROI) for businesses. QuickFMS is a practical and effective solution for those leveraging cloud technology for streamlined and data-driven facility management.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS offers a straightforward and efficient approach to maintenance management, catering to the needs of various industries with its comprehensive features. This software simplifies maintenance task scheduling and asset tracking complexities, making it a valuable tool for facility managers and maintenance teams. Key functionalities of Hippo CMMS include robust maintenance scheduling capabilities, which allow for efficient planning and execution of maintenance tasks, and a reliable asset tracking system that ensures all assets are monitored and maintained effectively.

A standout feature of Hippo CMMS is its user-friendly interface, which makes it accessible to users of all technical skill levels, promoting wider adoption and ease of use within organizations. Additionally, Hippo CMMS is recognized for offering cost-effective maintenance solutions, providing businesses with a practical way to manage their maintenance operations without a significant financial burden. This combination of user-friendliness and cost-efficiency makes Hippo CMMS appealing for those seeking a simple yet effective maintenance management solution.


AkitaBox emerges as a dynamic facility management software designed to enhance the accessibility and management of facility data, thereby optimizing overall operations. This platform stands out for its ability to provide facility managers with comprehensive and easily accessible data on their facilities, assets, and operations. AkitaBox's core features simplify the complexities of facility management, offering tools for efficiently tracking and managing facility-related tasks.

A key strength of AkitaBox is its real-time risk management capabilities, which empower users to identify and address potential issues promptly, ensuring a proactive approach to facility maintenance. Additionally, the software's problem-solving tools are tailored to provide practical solutions to everyday operational challenges, enhancing the effectiveness of facility management strategies. AkitaBox's commitment to offering real-time data and actionable insights makes it a valuable asset for facility managers seeking to streamline their operations and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information.


FMX is a notable player in facility management software, offering a cloud-based solution that significantly enhances facility and maintenance management. This platform caters to various management needs, from scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks to managing facilities and assets. The key features of FMX include its cloud-based infrastructure, which ensures flexibility and accessibility, making it easier for managers and teams to stay connected and informed.

A major selling point of FMX is its ability to boost operational efficiency, thanks to its streamlined processes and intuitive design. The software's user-friendly interface is particularly noteworthy, as it simplifies navigation and usage, making it accessible to users of varying technical expertise. Additionally, FMX boasts a comprehensive set of features covering all essential aspects of facility and maintenance management, ensuring that users have all the necessary tools. This combination of efficiency, ease of use, and robust features positions FMX as a reliable choice for organizations looking to optimize their facility and maintenance management practices.

IBM Tririga

IBM Tririga is a sophisticated facility management software integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. This integration enhances the capabilities of facility managers to oversee and optimize their operations with a level of precision and insight that was previously unattainable. IBM Tririga provides comprehensive visibility into all aspects of facility management, from space utilization and occupancy to energy consumption and operational costs.

One of its unique selling points is the advanced workplace management system capabilities, which allow for strategic planning and efficient use of resources. This system is adept at helping businesses make informed decisions about their real estate and physical assets, ensuring optimal usage and reducing unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, IBM Tririga's ability to utilize data from IoT devices and AI-driven analytics enables proactive maintenance and smarter, more sustainable facility management practices. This makes IBM Tririga an ideal solution for organizations leveraging technological advancements for enhanced facility management and operational efficiency.


ServiceChannel presents itself as a comprehensive solution for facility management, particularly adept at handling the complexities of managing multiple locations. This platform is designed to centralize facility management tasks, offering a single, unified platform that significantly enhances operational efficiency. Key features of ServiceChannel include its ability to manage and coordinate maintenance and repair activities across various sites, ensuring consistency and reliability in service delivery.

A standout aspect of ServiceChannel is its contractor scorecard feature, which provides valuable insights into contractor performance, aiding in better decision-making and vendor management. Additionally, the platform strongly emphasizes environmental compliance, helping organizations adhere to regulatory standards and promote sustainable practices. This focus on compliance, combined with the efficiency of a single-platform approach and the strategic advantages of the contractor scorecard, makes ServiceChannel an effective tool for businesses seeking a streamlined and responsible approach to facility management.

Asset Panda

Asset Panda emerges as a versatile and user-friendly facility management software, particularly renowned for its asset tracking and management capabilities. This platform is tailored to adapt to a wide range of business needs, making it an ideal choice for organizations seeking a flexible and efficient asset management solution. Key functionalities of Asset Panda include robust asset tracking that allows businesses to monitor their assets' location, condition, and maintenance history in real-time. This feature is complemented by a comprehensive suite of tools for managing work orders, scheduling preventive maintenance, and generating custom reports, all aimed at enhancing the overall efficiency of asset management.

A unique selling point of Asset Panda is its highly customizable nature, which enables businesses to tailor the software to their specific requirements. Whether it's adjusting data fields, modifying the user interface, or integrating with existing systems, Asset Panda offers a high degree of flexibility. Additionally, its mobile app extends the platform's functionality, allowing users to manage assets on the go, which is particularly beneficial for teams operating in the field. Asset Panda's combination of powerful asset management features, customization options, and mobile accessibility makes it a standout choice for businesses looking to streamline their asset tracking and management processes.

To Sum Up!

In conclusion, selecting the right facility management software is a critical decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization's operations. Each software solution we've discussed offers unique features and benefits tailored to meet various needs and challenges in facility management. It's essential to carefully consider your specific requirements, such as asset tracking, maintenance scheduling, or data analytics, to ensure that your chosen software aligns perfectly with your organizational goals and operational strategies. We encourage you to delve deeper into these options, assess their functionalities, and determine which solution best fits your unique context.

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For those who wish to explore these options further or have specific queries, we invite you to contact us. Contact us today to begin your journey toward optimized facility management.


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Amrapali Exports - Esteemed Clients of cryotos
Anuraj Sharma - Maintenance Manager

The best thing about Cryotos CMMS software is that it always tells me when something needs to be fixed - before it breaks and cost me a fortune!

The software is very user-friendly, and even if I don't know how to do something, the support team is always there to help me out.

Most importantly, unlike other such software, Cryotos is editable and hence the user can modify how the software works as per their need, we made several changes in the workflow & flowchart with the help of development team.

I don't know what I would do without Cryotos! I've been using it for years, and it has saved me so much time and money. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to manage their assets efficiently.

Resil Chemicals - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Jeevan Belliappa - Head, Information Technology

Since we've been using Cryotos CMMS Software, our asset maintenance management has been running more smoothly than ever. We're able to track and optimize our preventive maintenance with ease, thanks to the customized process workflow. This has been a lifesaver for our team!

The Cryotos CMMS software has allowed us to manage our assets more effectively and efficiently. It has helped us to improve our asset utilization. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and the support team is always quick to help with any questions we have. We're very happy with the results we've seen so far and we're confident that we'll continue to see improvements in our asset management as we use the Cryotos CMMS software.

Planys - Cryotos Esteemed Client
Antony Jacob Ashish - Lead, R&D

Cryotos goes above and beyond when it comes to customer satisfaction. Planys Technologies use Cryotos for preventive/ corrective maintenance of our critical systems and not once did we face a problem that was not dealt with immediately. The team is extremely professional and helpful. We can rely on Cryotos when it comes to the operations and processes.

Thanks to the whole team for the amazing performance and thought leadership. It's rare to see teams that can put themselves in the customer's shoes and think from their perspectives - Cryotos team doesthat and more.

We recommend Cryotos if you are looking to put an end to your preventive maintenance problems and sign up with them!

Thanks to the team for an awesome job.

Xpert IFM - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Siva Shankar - AGM, (Operations & BD)

On behalf of Xpert FMS we would like to express our sincere appreciation for the excellent support Cryotos team have provided us for our building and facility management. Cryotos has always provided support that is timely and meets our expectations. Professionalism and quick response are the hallmarks of this team.

Sincere appreciation for the team's brilliant performance and wish them continued success. We highly recommend Cryotos as they have executed well on all assigned tasks and continue to outperform.

Thanks to all the hard work, our lives have become easier.

ST Jude India Childcare Centers - Cryotos Esteemed Client
Mukesh J - CIO

We are able to raised the workorder and tracking of these till the closure as helped us to provide better services our beneficiaries. Workflow-based work order management has helped us to define processes for each locations separatley. System provide notification once order is raised for assignment to engineer.

Maspro - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos

This CMMS software is top-notch! I can't believe how much it has helped me with my facilities maintenance management. Customized reports and business intelligence have been invaluable in making better decisions.

The software offers a great deal of customization for each organization's specific needs. They are always updating the software with new features and improvements, which is great. The support team is fantastic - they are always quick to help with any questions or problems we have. This software has definitely made my life a lot easier! It's so easy to use and it's really helped me keep track of all my maintenance tasks in one place. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a CMMS platform.

Al Zain Farms LLC - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Mr. Vishnu S Nair

Since we've started using Cryotos, our team has been able to stay on top of all the various SOPs. Checklists and safety procedures are now easily accessible to everyone, and we can quickly reference them whenever we need to. The software has definitely helped to improve our team's communication and efficiency. Plus, the fact that it's cloud-based means we can access it from anywhere, which is a big plus. It has been a great help in keeping everyone on the same page and up to date with the latest procedures.

Dinex - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
B S Vijaya K. - Maintenance Engineer

At starting it felt some what difficult for scheduling but now it made to easy access.

Review from Capterra

Korrun - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Nithin G. - Maintenance Incharge

Overall: Nice Software
Pros: Scheduling, work order creation, asset inventory, records.
Reasons for Choosing Cryotos: Compared to other products it's easy to use and easy to understand the feature.

Review from Capterra

Aptiv8 IT Solutions
Hashim - Business Project Manager

This CMMS software is top-notch! I can't believe how much it has helped me with my facilities maintenance management. Customized reports and business intelligence have been invaluable in making better decisions.

The software offers a great deal of customization for each organization's specific needs. They are always updating the software with new features and improvements, which is great. The support team is fantastic - they are always quick to help with any questions or problems we have. This software has definitely made my life a lot easier! It's so easy to use and it's really helped me keep track of all my maintenance tasks in one place. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a CMMS platform.

Gurit - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Mr. Mohanmurali R

I recently purchased Cryotos CMMS Software for asset management needs at my organization and after a few months of testing and monitoring, I'm incredibly pleased with the results. The software is user friendly, accessible and the design is very intuitive. It covers all the aspects of managing maintenance and repair, starting from preventive maintenance and standardizing operation cycles, to scheduling and streamlining workflows. I am highly satisfied with the performance and the range of features offered by Cryotos. Highly recommendable!

Metro Tyres - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Mr. Sanjay Beri

Before using Cryotos, asset management and maintenance seemed like an uphill task for my team. Manual processes laden with human errors did not work for us at all. We decided to go with Cryotos after checking out similar products in the market.

The user interface of the software is intuitive and easy to use, making it simple to navigate through the different features and functionalities. I particularly appreciate the ability to track all assets in real-time, allowing me to keep a close eye on their performance and maintenance needs.

Customized work order and workflow creation has reduced the needs to always follow a particular template. Depending on our needs we can create tailor made workflows to suit our requirements.

I highly recommend Cryotos to anyone who would like to unburden themselves of maintaining and managing their critical assets.

Dinex - Esteemed Clients of Cryotos
Mr. Yuksel Aksin

As a customer of Cryotos CMMS software for asset management needs, I must say that I am thoroughly impressed with the features and functionality offered by the platform. Cryotos CMMS software has made managing my assets a breeze, and I no longer have to worry about missing maintenance or inspections.

One of the standout features of Cryotos CMMS software is the ability to generate work orders and schedule maintenance tasks. This has made it easy for me to stay on top of maintenance and repair tasks, ensuring that my assets are always in optimal condition.

The software also allows me to track inventory levels which has streamlined my inventory management process. The ability to generate reports and analyze asset performance data has also been invaluable in helping me make data-driven decisions about my assets. Overall, I would highly recommend Cryotos CMMS software to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient asset management solution.

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