Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to manage your facilities

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


Customer relationship management (CRM) is considered to be a practice and strategy where the organizations use it to retain, identify, acquire, and cherish the profitable customers by constructing and sustaining a long-term relationship with them.

According to IFMA, facilities management (FM) is considered to be a profession which consists of multiple disciplines that can coordinate to build the environment so that there is ensuring of functionalities by integrating people, process, place and technology of the organization. There are various activities involved which can manage to build the assets and also deliver services effectively. The FM fulfils a detailed requirement of the facility and also maintains the coordination between the FM department and also the FM consumers. It is for this reason that it needs to be adjusted and also balanced in order to meet the requirements of both of the parties.

For the FM, the main customer is the executive management of the organization where the complementary unit is responsible for the implementation of the core functions of the organizations and also the service providers.

The CRM can be used in facility management for management of document where this can be used in a finding of important and essential information. The customer relationship should be continuous and highly interactive with the customers where the FM is working together and also complementing each other, which is in terms of knowledge base and interest.

The further benefits of CRM include:

Improvement in customer satisfaction

The prime benefit of CRM is customer satisfaction. Through this strategy, all the dealings like marketing, servicing, and selling products and services to the customers can be done in an organized and systematic manner. One can provide better service for the customers through a detailed analysis of their issue.

Maximum business performance

CRM can help maximise business performance by increasing up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. These sales strategies can be done easily with the CRM because there will be an understanding of wants, needs and also patterns of purchase. Including all this information in the central database system implies that when there is a rise of an opportunity, the sales team can be promoted as required.

Betterment in internal communication

Through the CRM, one can build better communication within the company because one can share data between different departments which will further enable one to work as a team. This further helps optimise customer experience.

There are also further benefits like improvement in customer retention, optimization of marketing, and gaining valuable insight. As implied in the above content, there are myriad CRM benefits that can improve the company no matter what size and can also help the facilities manager.


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