Integrated Workplace Management Systems

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Integrated systems

Integrated Workplace Management Systems

Integrated systems

The integrated workplace management system (IWMS) comes into the picture when the organizations need to handle hundreds of thousands of assets. The businesses also need to schedule the maintenance, reduce the energy use and also track the capital projects and this is when IWMS comes handy.

Through IWMS, the organisation can maximise the use of resources and assets with an integrated software platform where the information can be shared.

This software is designed to avail companies in not only the facilities management but also real estate management. This results in not only being more efficient but also cutting down costs. Through this software, high-level management information is attained because it combines various software applications and comprises five components, i.e.

Real estate management and lease management:

This is used to manage the real estate assets of any corporation which is from acquisition to disposal. This also further includes planning, accounting, tax management and request for proposal management.

Facilities management and space management:

Similar to facilities software, this application is made to optimise the use of facility space. The users can manage the physical areas in the buildings, manage books and employees, and also schedule rooms. This can also be integrated with CAD files and also building information modelling software.

Maintenance management:

Just like stand-alone maintenance management system (CMMS), this application is used overwhelmingly to schedule the preventive maintenance tasks, establish predictive maintenance processes, create work orders, manage equipment and machinery with asset profiles and maintain spare parts inventory.

Sustainable to the environment:

This application allows the user to measure energy usage, identify areas of energy waste and rack energy-related costs. This application can also be integrated with building automation systems or building management, which allows the user to control the various methods through a facility and primarily in a controlled manner. The facilities controlled are ventilation, lighting and air conditioning. This is also used to analyse and benchmark energy usage.

Capital project management:

Through this application, there is not only planning but also the execution of the new building projects and also remodels, for example, expansion or new construction in an existing office building. This even further includes the functionality for planning, document management, and financial accounting.

The tools are not only integrated but also housed in the same platform, which is also drawn from the same data. The essential benefit of the IWMS is that it is coordinated for all the above-mentioned activities.

This software is comprehensively designed for large companies who require managing a wealth of assets. This also includes organisations with many retail stores, chain restaurants, educational campuses and large offices and it is because of this reason that there are many buyers for this system.


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