How Cryotos CMMS Software is Helping the Hospitality Industry?​

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How Cryotos CMMS Software is Helping the Hospitality Industry?

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At the heart of the hospitality industry are people – employees and customers alike. People availing of the services of the hospitality industry demand top-notch services for the expenses incurred. The hospitality industry is constantly searching for new ways to improve efficiency and cut costs. One way they are doing this is by investing in computerized maintenance management software (CMMS). This software helps take the guesswork and inefficiency out of hospitality maintenance. Previously CMMS was used by larger-sized industries like manufacturing or Oil and Gas to name a few but of late, the hospitality industry has also started investing in the CMMS because of the software’s customizable features that help to keep the facilities maintained well to the delight of the customers.

Cryotos – Your efficient partner for hospitality:

Cryotos CMMS has been successfully evolving in the field of maintenance management with 4+ years of experience and 40 + happy customers. With Cryotos, you can efficiently overcome the problems sustained in maintenance management and also asset management. Be it any property – hotel, resort, farmhouse Cryotos CMMS can be used with ease. Cryotos understands the importance of the role played by guests in the hospitality industry and we also believe that a CMMS should be intuitive.

When the maintenance is properly done – hospitality can be achieved very easily. With Cryotos you can assign work orders seamlessly, supervise them and get them done at any time from anywhere. Apart from that, the maintenance of assets becomes handy and you can have end-to-end details of all assets.

Improve customer service with Cryotos:


Hospitality is a field where customer satisfaction is the top priority. In this modernized digital world, where social media reigns, communication is super easy and can be done at the click of a button, information or reviews can spread very easily. The management team of the premises is always in the hot seat and eager to give the best to their guests. So, having a CMMS package is a must to run along with this fast-moving world. Cryotos has been very successful in providing user-friendly solutions to overcome all kinds of difficulties and achieve overall success. With Cryotos, you can effortlessly manage assets, and facilitate the specialized features provided by the hotel (gym, spa room, computer room, bar, playroom, and so on). 

Assign work orders on the flow:


Before CMMS’s was included in the hospitality industry, maintenance managers had a difficult time getting work done. A big challenge used to be the assigning of work orders, a task where there used to be a lot of misinterpretation, fabrication, and backlogs as this was completely human-derived. In such situations where everything is done manually, tracking the completion of the work orders delays the overall process and leads to inefficiencies in the system. Not to mention that even after investing all the efforts, the task would not have been completed to perfection leading to a load of wasted efforts and unhappy customers. 

Effortlessly Protract the life of your assets:


The number of assets in a hotel or a resort is fairly high in number. Starting from the appliances used in each room (Air conditioners, Geysers, Water pipes, etc.), the assets in the common area (fountain, decors, sofa), the assets in the kitchen, maintenance of the garden to maintenance of vehicles and a lot more is to be taken care of. Doing maintenance work, and having the history for all these can become tedious. But Cryotos CMMS will take note of several details of the assets into consideration, reducing the manual efforts exponentially. Cryotos covers even the microscopic details of all the assets, the details of the maintenance worker, the date of the last maintenance work done, the history of the asset, and the schedule for the upcoming preventive maintenance – everything is available in your hands. With Cryotos hotel CMMS software, you can efficiently maintain all your assets leading to an increased life span for the assets and reduced cost of maintenance.


Succeed in asset management with preventive maintenance:


Maintenance becomes a breeze once you have all the details of the assets handy. With Cryotos preventive maintenance schedule, you can overcome all the difficulties of manual maintenance and tracking of the requests. Preventive maintenance can help you avoid major defects and save several corrective measures. Program the needed time gap between preventive maintenance and track the health of your assets with a click of a button. By doing all these, the assets’ life is prolonged as their maintenance is done in a structured way.


Cryotos CMMS software and mobile application:


Cryotos software is handy and user-friendly which is the need of the hour for the maintenance head and managers. With this software, you can create, record, manipulate, update and also have an analytical view of your maintenance activities. You can keep track of end-to-end detail of all the assets and the performance of your employees individually in just a few clicks. 


Cryotos mobile application is designed to run with the pace of this digitalized world. But at the same time, it is created by keeping all levels of employees in mind. It is amazingly user-friendly with many included automated features like seamless data entry, accepting work orders, and raising a work request, and so on. The employees can easily track the work orders assigned to them. They can procure the details of the assets and inventory anytime, anywhere. 


Cryotos mobile application has many innovative and exclusive features like Calendar, QR code scanner, GPS tracking, and so on.  With the Calendar facility, the maintenance workers can have an overall view of the works on the respective dates. Plus, they can save time by using a QR code scanner – when an asset needs attention, the work request can be raised in no time by simply scanning the QR code that is on the asset. With the single scanning, you get all the information about the asset and it is enough if you simply mention the details of the failure. Similarly, many features are automated and it will surely help you out in successful maintenance.



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