How effective CMMS in Inventory Management

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How Effective CMMS in Inventory Management

A CMMS’s inventory management feature is quite useful for a number of reasons. However, a typical inventory management software performs a bit different when compared to inventory management feature of a CMMS. While the inventory management software maintains the inventory control of the product that are dispatched from warehouse, the inventory-management feature of a CMMS manages the spare parts. The business may come across a situation where necessary parts for managing the damage are missing. However, using CMMS would alert before the time in order to tackle the issues easily.

Warehouse management is a balance of activities that begins from the moment goods arrive until they’re issued out.

Several crucial tasks control the operations within a warehouse. They revolve mostly around materials and assets on one hand, and employee management and maintenance oversight on the other

When each work-order status indicates the material is available, the work order is ready to go, and the maintenance planner can schedule it with the confidence that a lack of materials will not delay the job. Managers also can monitor the trend of work orders awaiting material.

With real-time inventory control, the need for physical inventory decreases, especially if entries are accurate and complete. Out-of-stock trends can alert the stores supervisor to specific items that need expediting before they lead to equipment downtime. Managers also can monitor inventory-valuation trends efficiently.

Effective Asset Management with Inventory control

CMMS yields two major benefits in maintaining warehouse equipment: reduction in equipment downtime, and prolonged asset lifespan.

Imagine that a forklift has shut down unexpectedly, causing packing activities to ground to a halt. Immediate repair is the priority, but the situation is aggravated by the unavailability of spare parts. Corporate managers estimate that problems with forklift maintenance can cost a facility thousands of dollars per minute.

CMMS can eliminate this problem by generating low-spare-parts alerts, recording equipment repair history, and even tracking asset condition trends if the facility were to implement condition-based maintenance. The result is reduced downtime, prolonged asset lifespans and monetary savings.

A good inventory data management not only improve the cash flow but also helps in optimizing contingency planning.

  • Optimized Spare Parts Master Data
  • Better Inventory Control
  • Associate Parts to Assets
  • Easily Import & Export Data

Make sure the appropriate parts are on hand in your maintenance department. Reduce the expense of maintaining your inventory. Utilize Cryotos CMMS inventory management software tools to simplify the process of managing inventories and spare parts. 

  • Get push and email notifications when a part’s quantity is low
  • Users know if the part is in stock from inside of a Work Order
  • Automatic parts usage tracking
  • Real Time Reporting


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