How to excel in any Industrial Maintenance Role?

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How to Excel in any Industrial Maintenance Role?

 Maintenance of the industry and successful operation of it is a great task that threatens any organization. Management of staff, maintenance of assets, protracting the lifetime of assets and achieving the set goals are a nightmare. Implementing all of these and taking forth in a balanced way is a challenging one.

But Cryotos CMMS package is a one-step solution for all of these. Industrial maintenance is achieved by carrying through the key features that are below.

Plant maintenance:

Time was when in any kind of industry, the assets were extremely wrought and thrown to failure. Only when a failure occurred, the corrective measures were taken. This sudden unplanned shutdown of industry causes downtime. In many such circumstances, the components or the spares of an equipment may be under demand. It will further delay the corrective measures. To avoid all these, a proper plant maintenance schedule is devised by the CMMS package. The CMMS package offers a customizable schedule considering the wear and tear of an asset. It offers various benefits like,

i)   Planned repairs and services of the asset

ii)  Ensures safety of the workers and reduces worksite accidents

iii)  Reduces downtime and more uptime

iv)  Can set right and customizable interval between every maintenance

v)   Can procure spares and can hold stock in advance

vi)   Can fetch expert service staff in advance

vii)  A breathing time interval maintained between services

viii)   Cut down costs in unplanned expenses

Achieve your targets through set maintenance KPI’s:

Industrial maintenance and achievement of milestones previously was like moving mountains. This CMMS package extends its helping hands not only in successful maintenance but also in achieving milestones and keeping track of everything. With the effective components like MTBF, MTTR and OEE a complete analysis of the work process is attained.

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) reveals the accurate time between one failure and another. For eg, It’s the time between one and the next service that you do to your vehicle. Whereas, MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) shows the exact time interval taken for an issue to be rectified and function like before. It’s like the time that is taken by your mechanic to repair your vehicle and bring back to the functioning state.

OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) shows the efficiency and the productivity of the equipment. When the average OEE of an industry is high, it means the rise in productivity and efficiency of the workers also with very minimal defects. 

Get smarter with our mobile maintenance software:

In the world of digitalization maintenance of records by the means of pen, papers, ledgers, spreadsheets won’t suffice the pace. It will create a boredom and an extra effort for the worker to update their daily status. For a faster run, these mobile maintenance software is pitching in to help the industry. Cryotos mobile application is created by keeping the commonalty of the industry in mind. This android application is completely user friendly and it does the thing in few clicks.

  •  Assign work orders from anywhere anytime
  • Instant update on the status of the maintenance
  • Attach photos, videos or documents for easy follow up
  • History and the up to date status of the asset in a click
  • Instantaneous notifications on the work flow and the status of maintenance
  • Easy monitoring of the tasks
  • Speedy update of the details, no more delay and straining with documentation
  • Prior notification about the preventive maintenance schedule
  • Surveil multiple tasks hassle free
  • Transparency in the work flow and in the completion of tasks

Work Order System:

The role of maintenance worker and training technicians is tedious. As the work is handled by multiple hands, the task is vulnerable to errors. The assigning and prioritizing of tasks and the follow up of them is superficial and exact data couldn’t be extracted. Thereby it reflects in lot of negative impacts. The individual work performance of workers, indicating the miscellaneous work items that are done extra by the workers are not under consideration.

When Cryotos CMMS package comes into the show, the above mentioned negatives are completely avoided and with many added benefits. First and foremost, it creates a balanced work flow among the managers, training technicians and the maintenance workers. Creating a work order system gives a clear idea about maintenance in the form of document – starting from the scope of the task, by whom and to whom it has been assigned, prioritizing the work order based on the need, the key points that are to be followed when handling the task, the expected date of completion and even more added features.

The above scenario is practiced at the times of regular maintenance checks. When certain corrective measures are needed, a work request is raised by a non-technical staff. The raised work request is notified to the technical team and they will appear on the scene to identify the cause for the error and the means to correct it. Thereby, they will create a proper work order.

Maintenance management software:

Cryotos CMMS package offers the user an outstanding experience. It gives an overall perpetual experience in maintaining records. It becomes absolutely easy – saves time, space and energy. We can assign the work order tension free and the allotted work is carried out by the next line of employees with ease. The assigned work order can be monitored analytically under various criteria such as average time taken for a work order, individual proficiency of the employees, performance as a team, comparative analysis among teams, performance of the asset, maintenance track of various asset, and so on. This in other ways helps to calculate the cost of work order and man hour rate. When the cost for the maintenance is predicted pre-hand, the budget can be planned accordingly. The lifetime of the asset is also prolonged. A maintenance which is pre planned and succeeded with proper protocols saves downtime and drastically improves company’s ROI. All these approaches prove that Cryotos CMMS package offers an ultimate experience to the user.


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