Why do you need software for Facility Management?

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Why do you need software for Facility Management?


For organizations, the facility management software is essential so that the entire repair and maintenance program can be handled from a web-based dashboard. The software can save valuable time and money of the businesses through properly managing the spaces, buildings, and occupants in an effective and efficient manner.

The facilities management software will help out the multi-site facility managers to perform out a range of functions which is related to the maintenance and repair which includes commercial contractor sourcing and compliance, asset management, payments, work order fulfilment, and analytics. The Facility Management can analyse the costs of potential moves, track square footage or meters, space characteristics, renovations and much more.

The advantages of facilities management software

Facility management software will ensure that there is facilitation of a complete range of tasks which is necessary to ensure 24/7 brand support which is across all of the locations while there is also an impact of strategic insight into the facility maintenance cost and also resources allocation. The nitty-gritty includes

  1. Improvement in customer satisfaction
  2. Management of assets and tracking of equipment
  3. A better source of qualified contractors
  4. A proactive response
  5. Work order process will be streamlined
  6. Ensuring of contractor compliance and contract SLA
  7. A reduction in repair and maintenance cost
  8. Maintenance of workflows and automation of routine requests
Edit For Convenient store

With regards to convenience stores, there are hypercompetitive convenience stores in the market where there are some businesseswhoexpand to include a quick-serve restaurant, financial service kiosks, coffee islands, and also showers. In order to service these new types of assets while continuing the focus on being fast, clean and friendly, the facility managers can use the facility management software for convenience stores.

For healthcare, there is healthcare facilities management required, which is either for care centres, retail healthcare clinics, or off-campus emergency departments which are hospital sponsored. It is highly important that the specialised clinical equipment and also related supplies are maintained properly where it is professionally serviced and rapidly repaired, and for this, facility management software is highly required.

The unique feature of this facility management software includes work order creation which is simplified. The location staff can properly enter the facility maintenance service request which is directly into the system. The work orders are then routed up to the appropriate contractor which is at proper and pre-approved rates.

There are also many other unique features of the software like:
  1. Accessibility which is multi-site and secure
  2. Service tracking in real time
  3. Access to mobile
  4. Integrations with the third party
  5. Real-time scorecards
  6. Updating of contractor contact and payment information in a simplified manner.


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