CMMS Software Features To Meet Your Maintenance Goals

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CMMS-Maintenance Management Software

CMMS Software Features To Meet Your Maintenance Goals

CMMS-Maintenance Management Software

It is the maintenance managers that are tasked with keeping track of all the maintenance needs and repair activities of equipment on a shop floor. In very large organizations, it becomes practically impossible to keep track of all the related activities without using a Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). There are a large number of such CMMS packages and Cryotos CMMS software package is known to offer the user unparalleled convenience and ease of use.

All said and done, most CMMS software have certain minimum operating features or criteria. It is important that these points are met whenever a customer is seeking to use a computerized software to take care of the maintenance needs of their organizations. Discussed in brief are five of the most important features to be included in any CMMS package. The list is by no means exhaustive but does indicate the demands of the maintenance operations where ever they might be used.

1.   Work Order Tracking

It is important for any CMMS to be able to track the work order from the instance it is issued till the job is closed out. This particular feature of the software is also called the work order management system. It stands to good reason that the Cryotos CMMS has been able to include a means to keep track of the work order from the instance an order is generated in the system.

Most companies keep track of the work order software so that it gets closed out in time and within the set budget. By having complete control over the work order tracking, it is possible to keep track of all personnel that were involved in an activity and thus bring to bear the direct responsibility for any action or inaction.

In many ways, what an efficient work order management system does is to hold workers responsible for their areas of work. As any activity can be traced to the person in no time at all.

2.   Reusable Templates

It is the common practice among software applications like the Cryotos CMMS to use templates to denote an activity or area of work. This feature would greatly reduce the work involved in the traceability of the work as the most commonly occurring tasks can be reduced to a template most of the time.

The ability to reuse templates is one of the most important features possible on a CMMS package. With the reusable templates, it is possible to prevent duplication of work at the same time ensure that something that has worked in the past can be depended upon to deliver results into the future as well.

For most managers of facilities having a system that can be depended upon is a blessing that simply cannot be taken for granted.

3.   Sharing of Statistics  

Information must not only be used to help with the better billing activities but it must also be used to study faults and repair works carried out. With a CMMS package like the Cryotos, it is possible to relay information on what is happening on the shop floor to the upper levels of management. What this facilitates is the exchange of information between the mid-level and the very junior levels of the facility. Thus, leveraging the expertise that is available within the organization to the fullest.

With the Cryotos CMMS maintenance software it is possible to monitor the pending work orders, machine downtimes, planned and preventive maintenance schedules and much more. So, the entire structure of management gets to know of the issues that maintenance workers are facing on the floor.

4.   Generating Reports

Ask any manager the role of reports in day to day functioning and it would bring to focus the need to generate reports on the entire working of the departments. A good CMMS system would be able to generate reports without the active intervention of the people handling the maintenance.

The sort of a hands off feeling with respect to generation of maintenance reports not only brings greater freedom to the management and workers but does manage to pin point responsibilities in real time. Statistics pertaining to maintenance work not only points to breakdown of equipment but does reflect on the greater health of the plant or machinery as a whole.

An automated system would do more than just generate reports. It sends it to the relevant person in the unit for further action. If the software can perform all this and more, it only makes the job of taking decisions easier.

5.   Quick and Easy Access

It is important for any CMMS system like the Cryotos management system to be able to be accessed by everyone concerned. Most of the time, it is not possible to operate a computer in the hostile working environment of the workshops and it is here that hand held devices like smartphones and tablets come into play.

With the Cryotos CMMS it is possible to delegate duty to the lowest rung of the maintenance section. The delegation is done by making reports and work orders accessible even on the mobile phones that are being used by the workers. This not only ensures that reports are received at the smallest working unit but it also brings down the cost of using the CMMS package.

The managers do not have to physically chase workmen to get to know the status of a particular set of operations, instead having updates done on the computer monitors in real time basis.


Managers and workers are benefited by the automation packages like the Cryotos CMMS and the future of maintenance seems headed more of the automated way. One of the flexibilities of CMMS systems is that it can be customized to the needs of the work area. So, it is not a one size fit all policy when it comes to implementing the application.

The future could see better integration between the management and the work floor and this would mean capitalizing on the expertise of the managers in setting right situations on the factory floor. These synergies are going to bring about better inventory management, cost control, better work flow and in short, a better turn around of work.


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