Facility Management Software increases Workplace Experience

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Facility Management Software for Efficient Workplace


On a traditional basis, the enterprises were expected to provide dedicated workspace to their employees. Since there is a rise in the modern workforce, there has been an exponential increase in the demand of the facility managers to deliver efficient and innovative workplaces. Through workplaces, there is retention and attraction of the top talent where there is also a boost in productivity which is throughout the workforce.

In order to accomplish these goals, there should be an environment provided that can better support the workforce mobility and also improves the employee experience where it makes them easier to accomplish the tasks.

Sensors of occupancies

If one is looking for technology that can reduce the operations costs while improving the quality of the workspace environment, then the occupancy sensors are considered to be a great place to start with. The data provided by the occupancy sensors can be used up to improve the ventilation, controlling the lighting, planning and managing the flexible work environments and also to power the intelligent way of finding systems.

The advanced sensors use the imaging technology and also deep learning to increase the range, improve accuracy and also perform advanced functions i.e. daylight harvesting to reduce down the lighting cost.

Automation of the workforce management

The automation of the workforce management system is more or less like a lighthouse that is based on a mobile platform and also sensor technology, which can further provide a full view of the facilities staff and also of real-time information about the status of the service delivery. Since there is access to all of the data, one can improve the operational efficiency and they can also control the costs while there is an improvement in the service delivery. Through Cryotos mobile software, there is zero paper management since everything is digitized.

Comfort monitoring at the workplace

There are many factors that can impact the workforce productivity; office temperature is considered to be an important one. There are studies which have been documented saying that work errors can increase because of poor comfort conditions.

It has been said according to BBC that warm environment is better for the creative thinkers and also for collaboration whereas the cool condition is better for people to keep them alert while they are performing repetitive work. There is a technology that can help employees report their comfort levels wherever they are at the workplace. Then the aggregated data is used to control the HVAC system which can provide the precise conditions which are desired by people using the space.

While using these facility management tools, there can be a cut in operations costs and also improving the employee experience at the workplace.


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