4 Reasons to Adopt Mobile CMMS for your Business

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4 Reasons to Adopt Mobile CMMS for your Business

Technology has evolved beyond what one expected. In this digital era, a myriad of businesses is incorporating the latest technology into their corporate structures. Studies state that it is very hard to find an individual who do not own a smartphone. A smartphone has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. A smartphone has many other advantages other than just calling and texting. With such remarkable benefits, it has become an essential part of business. Computerized Maintenance Management Software has recognized the benefits of smart phones. Henceforth, the developers of CMMS Software have incorporated mobiles into their systems. CMMS Software is a highly advanced software package that uses billions of data points that provide a user with an overview of a facility’s operation and the status of an asset.

Listed below are some of the advanced applications of Mobile CMMS Software:


The world is evolving at a faster pace, where every one of us is required to multitask. Unlike the previous 20 years, hard work has now become smart work. It was common back then for the technicians and the employees to be tied to the workstations until they get the work done. However, this is no longer the case in today’s scenario. Employees have started taking responsibilities within and outside of their workplaces. With Mobile CMMS Software App, managers and technicians can access their systems, respond to work orders, assign and prioritize work orders, and get the tasks completed from wherever they are, without or before even reaching the workplace.

Upload and Broadcast Images

Every smart device has a very good camera installed in them, which can be used as excellent tools for work-related purposes. With Mobile CMMS Software App, one can now click and upload an image of the work before and after completion. Digital documenting of asset damage makes it easier to decide proper repair planning of the asset. Cameras have become a valuable tool when it comes to documenting damage or report maintenance.

Go Paperless

The advent of Mobile CMMS Software has put an end to the traditional pen and paper filing up processes, where the stacks of files and papers are put up in cupboards until the manager finds and dusts them out. Mobile CMMS Software makes this possible by supporting paperless access of work orders, creating maintenance schedules, and keeping track of assets without the need for the printer or desks to hold the paper piles. This makes CMMS Software, eco-friendly!

Scan bar codes

The ability to scan bar codes is an added feature in Mobile CMMS Software, which makes it possible to create bar codes or QR codes within seconds. This feature enables the user to quickly access equipment data, maintenance history, photographs, manuals, and other asset-related documents. It is no longer necessary to search the long databases using filters and keywords, instead one can access all the data about to the asset by just scanning the bar code with a smartphone or a tablet. This minimizes the errors that were previously associated with the incorrect manual screening of serial number. This feature is time-saving.

The Road Ahead

The future of mobile is the future of everything, and the power of this technology lies in our hands. It just depends on how well we use that power. Using CMMS Software and smart devices together can improve the productivity of any organization.

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