Implementation of CMMS in Oil and Gas Industries

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Oil and Gas are one of the most influential industries that have a tremendous impact on the global market. They are also one of the most dangerous places to work in. Even a small mishap in the oil and gas industry could cost a huge sum of money and also cost the lives of its workers. In today’s world, there is indeed a very low tolerance for the mishaps occurring in these industries, relating to worker’s safety and environmental accidents. These industries are also described by terms such as “dangerous, high risk, expensive, explosive, etc.” However, all of these terms are true for good reasons.


Why CMMS in Oil and Gas Industries?

These industries are liable for producing products that satisfy the global demands for cooking, transportation, and generation of electricity. Therefore, to remain afloat, these thriving industries have learned to adapt to flexible and modern realities and advancements in technology to survive in the existing market over the years. A large part of their adaptation revolves around the usage of improved technologies. Because of these adaptations, these oil and gas industries can stay ahead of the strict and stringent regulatory compliances, streamline their workflow on their refineries, minimize equipment failure and downtime, increase productivity, monitor and adhere to safety protocols, and control maintenance costs. This CMMS Software provides the users with appropriate tools to maintain and manage work orders, maintenance, and inventory to keep the environment safe and to keep the equipment in working condition.

Also, this software documents both internal and external compliance standards to keep the plant inspection ready at all times.

One of the important goals of these industries is to keep their workers and the environment safe. Although on-site hazards and injuries have reduced to a larger extent, the malfunction of the equipment used can still be catastrophic. Therefore, CMMS Software is a significant tool in helping to improve safety, while making sure that equipment is compliant with regulatory standards. Also, it enables the workforce to have instant access to safety manuals, procedural guides, and all the necessary documents.


Importance of Preventive Maintenance in Oil and Gas Industries

Predictive maintenance software organizes the data collected by the sensors installed in the assets. With this information, the CMMS software makes essential decisions on machines’ conditions, in terms of thermography, lubrication, etc. Internet of Things (IoT) technology plays a crucial role in oil and gas industries to keep track of the assets as they are set up in remote parts of the world. Being able to monitor the asset performance in real-time from a single dashboard, regardless of the location of the equipment, enables the maintenance department to address the critical issues efficiently.


Path Ahead
Considering the volatility of the industry, oil and gas companies must be looking for every cost-saving method to gain an edge over their competitors. Investing in automated systems to assist in the maintenance of assets is the best possible way to prevent the financial crisis of the plant.


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