Role Play of CMMS Software in Manufacturing Industries? And Its Key Benefits

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Role Play of CMMS Software in Manufacturing Industries? And Its Key Benefits


Tune in CMMS in your business to avoid unwanted downtime and production loss. Companies going back to CMMS? (A Computerized Maintenance Management Software), why? because CMMS turns around your business routines profitably and efficiently. According to the survey, about 65% of industries had improved their business maintenance and management efficiency in 2017. (source). What about the recent survey? the market and research says CMMS software sales are estimated to reach $1.26 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth of 9.8% between 2020 and 2026. (source). 


It is not surprising that most of the manufacturing industries are facilitating CMMS software to improve their business production at the next level.CMMS software can provide entire entities of industries – with everything taken into account. It is a highly sophisticated software to use at any point in time. We already talked about a complete overview of CMMS software in the previous blogs. Check it out What is a CMMS? How it Works? How to evaluate CMMS? Key Features and Benefits


Now coming to the discussion of why a manufacturing industry needs CMMS? the negative impacts are facing by the manufacturing industries in their production, delivery, equipment failure, customer loss, downtime, less utilization of resources, and overutilization of unwanted assets are large, so they are hitting back to the CMMS software. Good functioning equipment or machine is a big contributor in manufacturing industries, if it’s not maintained properly, then it tends to a huge loss, we all aware of it. Still few companies are not understood the role of CMMS software and its enormous advantages towards a successful path.


“The most dangerous kind of waste is a waste; we don’t recognize”


It is a perfect synonym to understand the need for CMMS software in manufacturing industries. How can we realize an underutilized, or overrated asset creates a waste of money, time, manpower, machine work and doing utterly a waste of business operations? How many business people are having handy reports all the time? This is not possible, isn’t it?

Bunch of questions, no need a bucket of solutions, a one-stop solution platform is – CMMS, let get into it.


Role of CMMS software in manufacturing industries


Know the exclusive benefit and the role play of CMMS when you are new to CMMS, these will help to understand the CMMS software better.

Avoid equipment outages


Equipment outages create a big transmission in production work and may create negative impacts if it’s not maintained properly. You need to monitor the equipment or machine process frequently to minimize equipment loss or equipment shortage. Data automation is a key feature can help mainly to get running time, usage, maintenance history, purchase date, compliance. To keep the production optimal and efficient, CMMS software is an extraordinary requirement and the life of equipment soar with the help of CMMS.

Process real-time machine repair requests


The predominant thing you need to monitor in the manufacturing industry is tracking the existing machine performance because it abandoned the current production lines, if it’s not tracked properly. You can collect every single move of assets available in your industry. From the maintenance history, you can find out which equipment is failed, which needs more attention, which machine condition is not good to take essential action.

Record equipment performance in real-time


Maintainers can manage the work orders of their teams with manufacturing CMMS Software by tracking, reviewing, and prioritizing them in real time. Engineers, technicians, and operators can use this feature to handle the team in a right path. Maintenance and repair requests can also be submitted by each professional, along with notes and documentation. A job can also be marked complete, and equipment status changes can also be made.

In addition to storing work order data, CMMS can also be accessed for future reporting and used to view past data. Documentation, repair histories, user manuals, operational checklists, and user manuals can all fit into this category.

Know inventory stocks and manage


Avoid needless purchases using Cloud based CMMS software, thinking how it is? Proper maintenance of assets not going to make any drastic change in your manufacturing. Especially, a manufacturing industry needs unique attention than other industries because, if the industry is going understocked or overstocked, or any essential spares are not available, it will affect your production scale also extend the deadline of deliverables.

You should utilize the CMMS software efficiently and effectively that can help to get the most required purchases to be stocked for your manufacturing.

Retrieve Manufacturing Data anytime


CMMS software is based on a cloud solution. Labours, technicians can access asset data from anywhere, there is no need to be bounded in the working environment. They can access using smart devices like a mobile, laptop at any time if they want to edit or update the assets. Instantly, workers can update the status of the team, so that labourers or workers can work accordingly. You can keep a stable workflow, track assets and worker’s performance whether it is moving in aappropriately or not.


How to Find the Right Manufacturing CMMS Solution?


Have a look at the below features that says what can you expect from CMMS!! Make a list like below,

  1. Project what are the difficulties or challenging things in your manufacturing industry.

  2. Layout the features you require from CMMS software. Check whether the features match your core requirements, Don’t look for a CMMS that has filled with more features, Pick the right one that exactly suits your requirements.

  3. Analyse the vendor details like, do they offer a free trial? does the CMMS can be integrated with other software and tools? Does the vendor already have experience with manufacturing companies?

  4. Make sure the factors that you need for implementing CMMS and operational factors like implementation timeline, additional maintenance hardware, training to use the CMMS and, pricing structure.

  5. Compare CMMS features, usability, efficiency and check if it’s made on the current trend.




With your computerized maintenance management system in place, you’ll be able to construct preventive maintenance schedules and figure out the optimal running times for your equipment. Using this tool, you can find out how much your maintenance costs are. Make the right decision in picking the right CMMS for your manufacturing industry will save spends, enhance production scale and ROI.Try Cryotos free trial and mobile first CMMS (CMMS with mobile application) and CMMS with IOT based software, which will help to attain your goals effectively.




  1. Which is the best CMMS software?


A CMMS software should give round-the-clock-support and be cost effective, decrease downtime, manage assets, work orders and manage workflows. It would be an additional benefit it has mobile first CMMS and on trend like IOT based diagnostics. 


  1. What are the reason that manufacturers using CMMS software?

A CMMS reduces significant material losses and maintain asset efficiently. CMMS software prevent the production failures by keeping all assets healthy.

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