How CMMS will Improve Productivity and Reduce Operation Costs to Increase your Company’s ROI?

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How CMMS will Improve Productivity and Reduce Operation Costs to Increase your Company’s ROI?

      Computerized Maintenance Management System plays an irreplaceable and irresistible role nowadays. Previously, the maintenance tasks need a greater investment of time and power. It involves a lot of documentation like job cards, clip boards, maintenance records and so on. The utilization of CMMS put forth various benefits and most importantly it saves human power so that it could be invested in more productive ways. The interference of IOT (Internet of Things) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken CMMS to an advanced state. Choosing Cryotos over many other CMMS packages offers the users a complete comfy experience and moreover it is 100% customizable. It is a more reliable option and it offers various other facilities and services too.

How does CMMS reduce operation costs?

     “A planned action is already half success”. The utilization of CMMS package has many positive effects on the user because of the following factors.

Reduce unplanned breakdowns and protract asset’s life:

     Maintenance of assets in large scale industries requires exceptional efforts from the employees and regular check by the managers.  This kind of execution will lead to unexpected machine failures and the life of assets will be restrained. This, in other way affects productivity and the employees are forced with unexpected overtime. All these effects in long run affects the overall operation costs. The lifeline for these kinds of problems is proactive maintenance. When the user takes this package, a proper schedule is set in prior that in turn assists in all kind of maintenance tasks. Just like the service we do to our vehicles to save big repairs; the machine is serviced before it gives trouble. Obviously this proactive and preventive measures save unplanned breakdowns and extends asset’s life.

Planned spent of expenses and cut down in the unexpected:

     Unplanned breakdowns and downtimes deteriorate the productivity.  As said earlier, proactive and preventive maintenance provides tracking of the service dates for the assets. This planned services in turn gives a prior idea to the expenses that are to be spent and to large extent it cut downs the unexpected spent of expenses. As the maintenance is pre planned, the time of the employees is saved. It avoids unnecessary chaos and automatically it results in productivity.

Cut down the need for Corrective maintenance:

     Corrective maintenance in other words is reactive maintenance. It is a repair done to the equipment when a problem is identified. It can be in two ways

1.  Repairs done when a part of the machine is completely worn out and stops the function of the machine.

2. Identifying and replacing a part which may give problem or stop the function of the equipment in short time. Such problem is identified when a routine inspection is done.

The user should understand the real difference between the preventive and the corrective maintenance. Preventive is planned in prior whereas corrective is unplanned and unexpected maintenance. It could be beneficial to the user when a preventive maintenance leads to corrective maintenance i.e., through a routine inspection a severe problem is identified and rectified. Through a well-planned preventive schedule one can cut down the expenses for the corrective maintenance. At the same time, we could not 100% cut down the expenses made for the corrective maintenance but we can minimize it to a larger extent.

How does CMMS accelerate your company’s ROI?

    Gaining profit over the investment and taking the returns of the investment is a challenging task for any organisation. Sometimes it will end up losing the capital too. And to a large extent, it relies upon the economic condition of the country. Moreover, it is like sailing a ship in the storm. At these times, the organisation should take decisions in a more cautious way. CMMS yields greater results nowadays and more than 80% of the organisations invest in CMMS to cut down their costs in several ways.

       a)      Cut down the maintenance costs

       CMMS proves to be a one step solution for all the needs when it comes to maintenance. Through preventive and proactive maintenance 80% of the unexpected expenses are cut down. Through corrective maintenance the life of the assets is extended. This wholesome package minimizes the maintenance costs profoundly when compared to the costs that engages manual maintenance.

      b)     More uptime and productivity:

       With well-planned work schedule and proper follow up, the efficiency of the employees is doubled. As a result, the productivity of the organisation is also increased to a reasonable extent. With more uptime, the targets are accomplished within the limits. Thereby the organisation can achieve customer satisfaction and more work flow and it paves way to several new projects.

       c)      Protracting the lifetime of assets:

     For any industry, the maintenance of equipment is the heart of success. Whenever there is a downfall in the equipment, it affects the life of assets. Moreover, it also leads to downtime in the work. Unexpected downtimes are met with the employees’ extra work which in turn affect the efficiency of the employees. Hence here comes the answer for all these – Equipment maintenance software and Top Maintenance software gives a protective shield to all kinds of equipment. Equipment of lesser usage often is not noted and maintained with prior note by the employees. In a long run, the equipment will lead to a total failure. Whereas, to the software all equipment are same and it will indicate each and every equipment’s maintenance schedule in an accurate manner. By this we can totally cut down early discard of an equipment.

       Therefore, the equipment’s life is protracted to a considerable extent and it results in the quicker return on investment.

       d)     Improved labour efficiency:

         CMMS package offers a proper implementation schedule and also it prioritises the work and issues a proper work order to the employees. This in turn, reduces the chaos in the workflow. Because of an orderly work flow, the efficiency and the interest of the employees is doubled. We can also plan a maintenance work in prior so that we can assign a right person to do the job at the right time. By this we can ensure error free and quality repairs done.


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