Reducing Maintenance Costs with Furniture Floor Protection

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Reduce Maintenance Costs with Floor Protectors


We are always irked when the floor is damaged due to the furniture leg scratching the surface which results in an increase in the maintenance expenses. In order to curb that, the easiest and cost-effective way to protect your expensive floor is by installing protectors on furniture which guards the precious wood flooring in an effective manner.

Why is it necessary to include floor protectors for your furniture?

Cost-effective and flexible:

50% of the maintenance cost is reduced when you add floor protectors to any part of the furniture which comes in contact with the floor. They also come in various types, sizes, and shapes in order to fit into different kinds of floor materials and furniture legs.

The floor protectors are also available for special kinds of furniture like wobble chairs, vending machine, caster wheel office chair and music stands. But in order to protect well, you should always look out of floor protectors that are made out of reinforced felt pads, mechanical fastening method, commercial grade pressure sensitive adhesive, etc.

In order to ensure that the floor protectors don’t fall out before they wear out, mechanical fastening is the best method because it uses a snap-in-place or sleeves system.

Zero noise and no maintenance:

The floor protectors also help to reduce noises like scraping and squeaking. You can also reduce the carpet snags by placing sliders under the furniture legs which are placed on the carpet.

There is zero maintenance because the floor protectors reduce stress on the joints of the furniture which further helps you to move it easily which results in reducing injuries which are caused by replacing bulky or heavy furniture.

A saviour for hospitals and schools:

There is a lot of hustle and bustle in medical and educational facilities and maintaining floors can be a real challenge.

Floor finish might help you for a particular point of time until it breaks down because of the desks and chairs, but the damage will cost you another coat of finish which might lead you emptying your pocket. With the popularity of LVP and LTV flooring that does not have a protective finish; it might be difficult for you to keep up with the floor maintenance. It is for this reason that utilising a protective product for your furniture will help you lower the maintenance costs where you can allocate the saved expenses in maintaining other types of equipment or projects.

Patients and children at hospitals and schools can benefit from the felt-tipped floor protectors to a large extent because these protectors induce safe and quiet environment for them.

Floor protection products are worth investing because they reduce long-term expenses to a large extent and because of the extensive availability of the product, no furniture will be left out. Floors will be problem free and you can conduct your day to day activities efficiently.


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